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  1. Quick review of r1concepts

    Suspension & Brakes
    I just purchased some r1 Concepts premium line drilled and slotted rotors with stop tech performance pads and installed them. I was really unhappy with the stock si brakes getting so hot so quickly. These are amazing brakes. After breaking them in it is like a whole new car, no matter how high...
  2. Need a quick response please!!!

    Wheels and Tires
    Ok, so i have an lx. I might buy the is300 rims. They are 17x7 center bore is 60.1 and the offset is +50. The tires are 225/50/17. Will this fit ? Will it work without rubbing or any other issues? F.Y.I My car isn't lowered or anything, it's all stock. Thanks!!!
  3. A sort of DIY fpr quick cheap reliable power

    So I was asked for a DIY on how to do a modified factory intake for better throttle response and fuel mileage and power and those of you that want to hear vtec and a better engine sound. Cost$ about 30 to 50 buxx depends on what you already have Tools a 10 mm socket Ratchet with about 8 inch...
  4. Quick run in my Si

    Video Room
    Here is a quick video of me driving my Si let me know what you think. Mods are listed below.
  5. Quick HD 1st to 75 video

    Video Room
    Testing out the new GoPro...going slightly uphill so it's not amazing but whatever...enjoy Sent from my SPH-D710 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  6. Quick Video of my freshly reflashed 2012 Honda Civic Si on the Reflash Base Map.

    ECU Tuning
    After a long wait. Its finally here. And all I can say is it's a whole new car. Between mid range, eliminating rev hang, 7500 red line and launch control. I cant wait to get more mods so I can get it pro tuned by Evans Tuning :D Enjoy. Comment. Share your thoughts.
  7. Few quick questions...

    Exterior Problems
    I've read all the other posts and DIY's concerning replacing the horn, but there were a few things I'm still unsure of: 1) I have an EX Coupe; does it have a single horn or dual horns?, 2) Will i have to remove the bumper/ do any mods to fit the '13 Accord horn upgrade kit?, 3) I've seen a few...
  8. Just A Quick Question!!!!

    On the OEM ambient light harness how many fuses are on that harness? The reason I ask is I was replacing the LED's that were included with ones that are ALOT brighter. While I was installing them I had power running to them and I accidentaly bumped the + and the - together and they both dimmed...
  9. Quick fire-questions about basic aftermarket setup :(!!

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello :) I just got my new Civic SI Coupe 2012 two days ago. It's a damn exciting thing for me, and one of the first things I did was come to this forum to lurk for a bit, after which I've some quick-fire questions I would love some help with if anyone would be so kind. 1. Correct, or...
  10. Quick question having bit of trouble installing new HID

    :D Sorry for the stupid question.. :D
  11. Quick offseason winter tire question

    Wheels and Tires
    looking around some used ads this summer, if a good set of winters comes up, i figure ill grab em now and save some big money over buying in the fall. I stumbled across a set of 205/50/17 tires, no issues with sizing there, but the rims are off a CRV, are the regular dull alloy 17s. does anyone...
  12. Need some quick help!!!

    Hey guys, I'm purchasing some HID's for my headlights and my fogs. I decided to purchase from DDMtuning. I'm just wondering if i should buy the error eliminator or is it not necessary. I really don't want any errors showing up on my dash, but is it unlikely it will happen? Also has anyone...
  13. Quick night shota of 3000k hid fogs and 6k lows

    Hey guys/gals Took this pics just now showing how the lights look! Took them using my iphone. I know alot of people were askig how they looked with hid fogs! Well here they are! Enjoy!
  14. '12 Si Coupe and New to the Boards!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello from Milwaukee! I've been searching high and low for coilovers for the Coupe and my search kept leading me here. I figured I might as well register and join the fun! A little about myself. I'm a Sales Manager for Honda Co. and I'm very involved with the product we all love. I built...
  15. D2 Coilovers

    Suspension & Brakes
    CUSTOM D2 INSTALL THIS IS NOT A KIT THE SELL FOR THE 9TH GEN !!!!!!! i finally recieved all the parts i needed to make this work heres a pic on the suspension with the link mounting on it already i bought from d2 for 50$ each comes for the fit suspension so thats where i got the idea haven't...
  16. Need wheel opinions quick...

    Wheels and Tires
    So I have been on the prowl for a long time, exhausting every resource possible from ebay to owner forums to honda-tech and scouring endless google searches looking for a set of my favorite OEM wheels to replace my stockers. Those wheels being the EP3 CTR/CSX Type-S wheels. They are highly...
  17. The Sedan Bumper Swap Thread

    EX Sedan Bumper will fit the LX Sedan Hey guys, just as the title says, an EX front bumper will fit the LX sedan. For ppl who wanted to replace their front LX bumpers for the EX due to an accident or damage or just wanna switch it out, it will fit. Got my LX fitted with a brand new EX bumper 2...
  18. Quick question about the hood...

    Just wondering if the coupe and sedan have the same hood, because I'm contemplating on buying this hood, but I own a sedan... l2012-2012 Honda Civic 2dr OEM Style Carbon Fiber Hood.
  19. Quick question...

    Is it official that there won't be a JDM 9th gen? :question:
  20. Yet another from 8th

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! Havent taken possession of my TW Si Sedan w/nav yet, but i will be getting her shortly. The old 08 FG1 will be staying in the garage as well. Old girl..... Just having fun getting to know the first few of the 9th family around here!