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  1. Suspension & Brakes
    I have a 2015 civic SI and have been looking into creating my own BBK using Acura TL Type-S Front Brake Calipers (Cardone Ultra 19-P2893) and (Cardone Ultra 19-P2892). I've seen some threads mentioning this being done on 8th gen civics but haven't seen it done on 9th gen anyone DIY this before?
  2. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    I'm looking to buy the Unorthodox racing pulleys but I just want to hear some reviews about them, do you need to retune after installation? Anything will help thank you!
  3. Honda & Civic News
    If you watch only 18 minutes of racing this year the below vid is worth it. Honda Yuasa driver Gordon Shedden had to start from the back in the last race of the season and drive his Civic to at least 5th to win the drivers championship. Some of the best racing you'll see this year. And yes there...
  4. Interior mods
    Thinking about getting some bucket seats from a m8 and throwing them in my 2013 si coupe. What kind of problems will arise with doing this (airbag and seat sensor) and where can i find mounting rails?
  5. New Member Introductions
    This is my first time posting here, I have been a reader for a few days now. I have been looking at the 2013 Civic SI Sedan for a few weeks now, and I am going to check one out in person today on my lunch break. I have a few questions to ask... First of all. I am selling my 01 Celica GT. I feel...
  6. Performance
    Putting my UR downpipe on tomorrow. Anyone have any tips tricks etc. will be doing without lift. Lol Sent from AutoGuide.com App
  7. Si Only
    I ordered hybrid shifter bushings it came in 8tg gen bag containing 3, I saw a diy for ninth . Is it ok to install 3, or is it supposed to be 4? Sent from my HTC One X using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  8. Video Room
    jeres a little mountain racing i did over my weekend.... my cousins g35 n celica gts mountain racing in readings mountain... pagoda hill.... hope u guys enjoy it... sorry it was dark n my lights arent tat bright......
  9. California
    SCCA - San Francisco Region - Fresno Chapter Saturday, Jan 26 — Sunday, Jan 27, 2013 Fresno Fairgrounds, Fresno, CA ENTRY FEES Student - $60 Registration closes: January 25, 2013 3:01 PM PDT Registration will fill FAST and is limited to 50 drivers! Fresno SCCA - Solo / Autocross...
1-9 of 85 Results