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  1. 2012 civic hybrid radio swap

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    Hey guys, new to group. I searched the forum and didn't see this so here goes. I just bought a 12 civic hybrid with the stock center knob stereo. My cousin has a good 2012 navi radio and my question is will this go right in and will everything still work. Do I need to buy any cables,antennas...
  2. Problem with my clock

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    Hi! I installed a aftermarket radio on my 2015 EX and when I decided to switch it back to the original one, my clock just broke! I tried setting it up to the actual time etc, but everytime I start my engine, it goes back to January 1st 2013 and the time is reboot to the one I set previously (If...
  3. Radio hasnt been working for 5months now

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    Hey guys just wanted to no if anyone has ever gone thru an issue I have a 2015 civic si had a sub/ amp connected nd ran the blue cable from the stereo thru the driver side liners to the back connected to the amp. Anyways that the only electrical work inside tht has been done to the car. I put...
  4. Car mode

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    It seems with the update to Android 10 I have loss the use of car mode with my Samsung note 9. Not saying car mode and mirrorlink was something extraordinary but it was nice to have that feature. Plus I can never get my Hindalink to work. Am I the lonely fish in this pond?
  5. Can I Switch out stock LX head unit for EX Navigation screen?

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    Hi, This is my first post, sorry if its in the wrong section. I have a 2014 LX Coupe i just purchased recently (traded in my mazda 3, best thing i could have done), and ive been looking into upgrading the basic head unit (w/o navigation) and thought it would be a good idea to trade out my...
  6. upgrading radio head unit questions

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    i have a 2013 civic ex, it has a back up camera, but no navigation. i was just wondering if i change the head unit to something that is touchscreen or just change the head unit in general would i still be able to have the same functionality i had before? (ex: be able to use bluetooth with the...
  7. Need help with a fuse.

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Fuse #19/20A Premium Amp keeps blowing out. Any ideas as to why? Also my radio turns on but won't play anything through speakers. Could this fuse be the reason? Thank You.
  8. Please help guys, is it my fuse, bad wiring, or a relay which I have no idea about!

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    So lets start with i have a 2015 Honda Civic Si Okay so my problem is my head unit and both cigarette plugs aren't working. I was testing out amplifiers for my car, I plugged everything in and it worked perfectly, than I had changed the amp to test another and this time I plugged the battery...
  9. Sub install for $1100?

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    So long story short, I have a new 2015 Civic Si coupe and want some more bass, well actually I want better sound all the way around. I visited a premium audio shop here in Seattle and the guy tells me my speakers suck. He also says if I want good sound I need to replace the head unit, speakers...
  10. Missing USB Cable,need help where to connect it

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    I have a honda civic 2012 lx that came with no USB Cable, (i bought the car but i did not check it)i want to buy a USB Female cable adapter for the civic, but i have no idea where to connect it, i dont see a spot behind the radio, May i get some help on where it must connect?
  11. Radio diagnostics....GPS Antenna?

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    So, I have a 2015 non-navi Si sedan. I'm kicking myself for not getting the navi option, specifically because I miss XM. I have an external XM radio, but would really prefer the integrated solution so I wouldn't have to use the FM transmitter functionality. I've been searching around to see if...
  12. Electric scheme stock Radio EX / EXS 2012^

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    Anyone have the electric scheme for connection of this model? "39540-TR8-M01-NH167L MITSUBISHI" Thankss ^^
  13. IMID/ HondaLink

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hello All: I recently purchased a 2013 Honda Civic LX. So far, it's great! However, I've been experiencing what I believe to be a glitch with my IMID/ HondaLink/ and Radio. With IMID, I find its MPG and range to be inaccurate. Without econ mode on, it says I'm averaging approx 30mpg (city)...
  14. IMID/ HondaLink

    Interior Problems
    Hello All: I recently purchased a 2013 Honda Civic LX. So far, it's great! However, I've been experiencing what I believe to be a glitch with my IMID/ HondaLink/ and Radio. With IMID, I find its MPG and range to be inaccurate. Without econ mode on, it says I'm averaging approx 30mpg (city)...
  15. New member intro, and 2012 Civic stereo system

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm Joe from Connecticut, and I'm a new member as of today. I'm here because I've been unable to get decent FM (or, for that matter, AM) reception without static from the original equipment sound system on my 2012 Civic hybrid. I imagine part of the issue is my choice of favorite...
  16. Satellite Radio custom mount for 9th gen, Also I-Mid question

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    OK, so in all of my cars I've owned a custom bracket for my sirius, they look like this below... I only know of "Pro fit" and "Panavise" as companies that make them, and as of right now neither are making them for the 9th gen, does anybody know of anybody else making them? Also when playing...
  17. Bad radio reception

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    Hi Guys, I've just installed a "multimedia" system on my Civic 2012 LXL (in Brazil). It's very similar to the basic editions of Civic in US. The kit I installed is the Caska CA277-A, a brande new product from Caska/Coagent. But, Im suffering a lot with the radio reception. It's really, really...
  18. ECU Reset... iMID and radio kept memory?

    ECU Tuning
    So I tried an ECU reset to just get a fresh brain after break in and such, no valid reason to really. I disconnected the negative terminal from the battery, turned on an interior dome light and stepped on the brake for 15 seconds to try and bleed any remaining current, and left it set for a...
  19. XM radio

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    I've got a 12 SI. Are the factory HU's XM radio ready if u get the service? I searched around and didn't get an answer. I did see in the Imid the blank screen that wasn't being used. Though maybe it could be used for that. Sent from my iPhone using AutoGuide.com App
  20. how to remove after market radio

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    HEy guys i have a 2012 civic coupe and i had a dvd player installed the said it would be refunded and i need to take it out and the place i got it doen is very bust due to the holidays does anyone know how to take this out id appreciate it. O