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rattle or vibration
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  1. Interior Problems
    Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. This is my first post. I am relatively new to the forum, but have found it super helpful and informative. The issue or question at hand is a simple rattle coming from the air bag in my steering wheel. I have a 2013 Civic Si, and I have noticed a rattle...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    New here, so hope this is where to post this. 2015 civic Lx, cvt. Few months after purchase there were a few rattles. One was the right vent slider. Part of the assembly was loose on the inside, fixed this myself from behind the glove box reaching up. The other one was this metallic sounding...
  3. Interior Problems
    Rattle in the back please HELP! I have a 2012 honda civic coupe black. I had it for just over a month now, and I noticed that when I go over a bump(all the time) on the road or when i go up to a certain spee(sometimes) there is a small rattle on the rear side of my car. It sounds as if some...
1-3 of 3 Results