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  1. ECU Tuning
    Has anyone heard any news about the rebate on flashpro if you already have the reflash? Hondata hasn't updated it on their site, it still says the process will be documented closer to the release date. I called hondata and on the phone they told me they didn't know and to contact whoever I...
  2. Canada
    Yokohama is ensuring that you don’t worry about winter driving. As part of Yokohama’s ‘Winter Can be Beautiful Campaign’ when you buy a set of Yokohama winter tires you can get up to $100 returned back to you. The rebate applies to three sets of Yokohama tires including the all-terrain Geolander...
  3. Canada
    New for 2012, Yokohama released its Ascend all-season touring tire that integrates oil taken from orange peels to reduce environmental impact and earth a BluEarth designation. Thanks to the orange oil, the tire is also more durable and reduces rolling resistance to improve fuel consumption. That...
1-3 of 4 Results