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  1. Sedan
    I had a friend who was thinking about getting a new car ask me about how the Honda was. I then proceeded to inform him there was a redesign, and that if he wished he would get a 2012 model at a steal of a price because they are trying to get rid of them. I then showed him a picture of the...
  2. Honda & Civic News
    Information and photos of the now released and redesigned 2013 models. Cleaned up and continued from http://www.9thgencivic.com/forum/honda-civic-news/3111-2013-civic-update-163.html Autoguide review of the now 2013 Civic MotorTrend Quick Drive Articles and Picutres 2013 Honda Civic Quick...
  3. Sedan
    I don't know how many they are making for 2012 but it seems to me after just one year and the body style is changing for 2013 this car will be a collectors item in about 20 years
  4. Si Only
    Just went out to pick up a quick dinner nearby, would say less than 10 minutes each way. Some VTEC, quick shifts, etc, and damm, I'm all smiles. Now that my Si has some miles on it (past 2.5k now), the engine is really starting to feel a lot more lively... clutch and transmission is pretty...
1-4 of 4 Results