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  1. General Maintenance
    Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of 2001 Honda Civic LX Sedan, named Peanut and 2010 Honda CRV EX-L, named Charlie Brown. I am wanting to add to the love of my Honda for my 18 year old daughter. Prior to my Hondas we were a Dodge Caravan family, please do not get me started on those, the number...
  2. ECU Tuning
    Hi everyone! New here. Looking to improve some performance over stock. I am looking for recommendations. My goal is to get some moderate performance gains over stock. I am not looking to race it and still want reliability. I don’t use WOT often. Some low to mid power would be fun. I was...
  3. Performance
    So I was asked for a DIY on how to do a modified factory intake for better throttle response and fuel mileage and power and those of you that want to hear vtec and a better engine sound. Cost$ about 30 to 50 buxx depends on what you already have Tools a 10 mm socket Ratchet with about 8 inch...
  4. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Need a reliable auto detailer in San Diego, should I go with auto detailer’s database offered by cleancars.com.
  5. Honda & Civic News
    See the complete list of the Most Reliable Family Cars at AutoGuide.com
1-5 of 5 Results