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  1. how would I go about removing oem honda side moldings?

    just not sure if I like my moldings anymore...anyone take theres off? Sent from my SGH-T679 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  2. Removing Black Plastic Accents

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Okay. I'm not sure what they're called, but I want to remove the black plastic 'accents' to wrap them with carbon fiber. I've attached a picture of what I want to remove. Anyone know how to remove these? I thought I read somewhere that they just pop off, but naturally, I don't want to start...
  3. desperately need help removing coupe tail lights

    hey guys..im new to this forum well not really ive been reading over this foruma few months but decided to register today and as of tommorow im tinting my tail lights but everywhere i read on the web and on here i cant find any threads that tell me how to remove my coupe tail lights see im not...
  4. How to remove coupe taillights

    Either for tinting or for repair anyone know how to remove them?
  5. Removing a door handle

    Anyone know how to remove the plastic part on the door handle? My right side rear handle is scraped up due to some idiot who cant open doors properly, and i want to replace the plastic painted piece with a new one. I know its removable but idk how to get it off. Any ideas?
  6. Removing foglight housing?

    Hey i have a question how would i remove the foglights so i can put some yellow fog bulbs in? would i need to take off the bumper?
  7. Want a taste of the "intake resonator delete" sound on your Si without removing it?

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Want a taste of the "intake resonator delete" sound on your Si without removing it? I was poking around under the hood of my Si coupe and noticed there's no clamps holding the rubber boot at the top of the intake resonator where it connects to the airbox. So I moved it around a bit and it pops...
  8. Removing wheel well liner.

    I was trying to remove my driver side wheel well liner the other day on my ex coupe w/ fog lights when I had the right clips out but there was 1 screw connecting the bumper to the wheel well liner that would not come out. It would just keep spinning. Any help?
  9. Need help removing panel near driver side!

    Interior Problems
    Does anyone know how to remove the whole lower panel near the driver side underneath the steering wheel? (one that surrounds the traction control button/ coin holder) It seems the guy installing my HIDs did not know where the hood release was and hastily tugged on the panel causing it to crack...
  10. Intake resonator delete (sound)

    I just removed my intake resonator 2 days ago, my r18 now sounds tight! When i hit the gas around 3k, there's a throaty sound, i like it ! :eusa_dance:
  11. Removing door panel and replacing rear speakers

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I just bought a set of speakers for my 2012 EX sedan. I feel like I bit off more than I can chew, as I can't get the door panels off, and I have no idea how to approach the back speakers. I'd rather not take it in and pay to have them installed, but I can't find a guide that matches my car...
  12. Removing Factory Stickers/Decals?

    Anyone know if the LX/EX model decal can be removed from the back of the car?
  13. removing a pillar interior covers

    Interior mods
    i've got some vibration coming from the base of my a pillars that the dealer won't take the time to diagnose or fix.. (after 2 visits). I bought some foam tape and want to correct the problem myself since i don't have the time to keep returning to the dealer just so they can tell me "we don't...
  14. Does removing Shroud prevent rust on wheel panels?

    Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, I was wondering if removing shrouds from your wheel well can prevent salt getting trapped in between and would be better for rust prevention? NVM DELETE THREAD. REALIZED THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE EXPOSED AND CAN CAUSE DAMAGE.
  15. Removing Fog Light Cover and Wiring LEDs?

    So I have some leftover waterproof LED strips from my interior lighting project (which was a ton of fun). I don't really want to do a full fog light install, but I thought mounting some of these LED strips either on or in the black fog light cover would look really cool. What's the best way to...
  16. The generic What Exhaust System thread

    Downpipes and Exhausts
    yea yea i know its not out yet, but i felt like asking and getting this off my head lol......what brands have good exhaust systems that i may want to look into once the 9th gen civic comes out and their product comes out for it? a friend told me magnaflow was good, and i dont want any ricer...