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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    Hi everyone! New to the community so thanks in advance for any help that may be given. Post for my 2012 Civic EX 1.8L So I was replacing my cv transaxle, control arm, knuckle, hub etc etc. Anyway to get to the point, I am nearly finished after an hour and a half of work, then noticed this...
  2. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey all, Got into a little fender bender a few days ago. The car will need to be taken into a shop for a new rear bumper. I am in the middle of VIT Tuning and am extremely protective of my property. I'm looking for a way to make sure no one takes the car for a joyride. I'm in the middle of...
  3. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hello everyone, I searched through the forum many times, but I could only seem to find DIY's on how to fix scratches in the paint, and nothing that went too deep. Each scratch i looked at was unlike mine, as mine is almost through the plastics of the bumper. I will include pics to explain what...
  4. Sedan
    Hey, I've been driving a 2012 Civic LX for about 2 months now. Unfortunately I somehow managed to damage my front bumper :sad:. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I should do about this? http://i.imgur.com/7IJT9nP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZOYSlaM.jpg
  5. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello, I am new here, and it seems to be that this is mainly about 2012 Honda's, but does anyone know how to take off the side door panel on a 2013 Honda Civic? They have all the screws hidden so well, that I cannot find them. If possible, the more detail, the better. I am doing this for a...
  6. Exterior Problems
    Our little civic recently got into an accident in which it rear-ended a Tahoe and hit its tow hitch. There is damage to the hood, grill, and bumper (see pics). Also, the headlights are now sort of popped out a little bit, though there doesn't seem to be frame damage. --I haven't seen a good...
  7. North-East
    The dealership I work at send their customers damaged rims out, this company does an awesome job, with a 1 day turn around, plus if any of you guys are near me get my discount too... That's how it went out That's fixed, and it only went out because a customer cracked the inside of the rim and...
  8. Build Section
    In August, 2012. An extreme hail storm went through my city, one of the Honda dealerships got their inventory POUNDED. So I bought a brand new 2012 Civic EX sedan that's full hail damage, it was a decent discounted price of course. At first, I wasn't really sure when I was gonna have...
  9. North-East
    Does anyone know of any reputable paintless dent repair shops/techs in the New England area? While I was at Autofair Honda (who uses Dent Wizard for their PDRs) a couple weeks back I was quoted ~$250 to repair the dent pictured below. Though the dent is in an awkward place, $250 is a little pricey.
  10. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    We have a 1/2 inch (or so) scratch on the interior plastic (driver side door handle where the mirror controls are). Just curious if anyone has had any luck doing these kinds of repairs themselves. Googling brought me to people that suggest using a heat gun, plastic filler, etc. The heat...
  11. Wheels and Tires
    Was in a rush to park and catch my bus to work, got a little too close to the curb and damaged the passenger rear rim, any possible DIY ideas on repair ? Thanks!
  12. Exterior Problems
    I've had my Civic since July and I just recently found out that my windshield washer nozzles don't work. I checked the washer fuse just in case and it was fine. I took it in to a local dealer and they found faulty pump. Part was special ordered and I'll have to go back and get it replaced.
  13. Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    Have a small scratch? This is a good way to patch them up yourself without breaking the bank. This is good for small scratches. You may need to use touch up paint along with the kit. Since you will be using sand paper its always good to be very cautious when working with it. The benefit of...
  14. Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    The Permatex kit is a great cheap and easy way to fix and patch small cracks/spiders, etc. yourself. There are other similar kits, but this one is very effective for simple repairs. If you have a more complex job you can possibly still use the Permatex, but may need to drill into the glass some...
  15. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    For anyone who has never used it before.... My wife scratched the drivers side door the other day in like 10 places so I had to fix them. Luckily they were light and only in the clear coat although you can use the kit with touch up paint if needed. Each scratch was a good 1-6 inches long...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Got it last Friday.. I'll let you know if it does 200,000 and 28mpg like my 7th Gen LX Coupe did it till last Thursday :) Enojoy the PICs.
1-16 of 16 Results