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  1. Completely dead harness?!?!

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    So recently I have began the task of retrofitting my headlights on my civic Si with a kit from TRS and some halos.. Well I got everything wired up correctly and installed as far as the pre-alignment process goes, and as I went to plug in everything for the first time to test the leveling and...
  2. Retrofitting Shops (CHICAGO)

    Hello, I am new to this forum and am not sure if I posted in the right section but.... are there any shops that can install projector lamps into headlight housings?
  3. Retrofitting in ontario (canada)

    Anyone know a good spot to get my headlights retrofitted anywhere in ontario? Price isn't an issue, I just need somewhere with a good reputation for this and need it done within the week. Please let me know if you guys have any experience with anyone doing this in ontario, canada.