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  1. Suspension & Brakes
    I just painted the calipers in red. I know, this isn't adding more horses, but looks nice :P
  2. Sedan
    Post up your questions, comments and concerns for modifications you have already done or you have thought about doing but aren't too sure about how it would look and would like some feedback from the community. I'll start with mine... now that I've installed my JDM Red H's from the 2009-2011...
  3. Pictures and Images
    If you can't tell by now it's a EM2 Civic with a E46 front and Mercedes Benz rear. Funny how the owner spent all that money to make a Civic look like a German car when all the money he spent on that could've went towards buying a cheap BMW E46. This is rice at it's finest lol,
  4. Interior
    Talon was telling me about how he had this on his Raptor for the side logos and it looks fresh on there. And I thought on a civic that'd be RICE, but coinidently I saw an ad for this site on the bottom of this site and I wanted to hear what you all this about it, Here's today's addition of: Is...
1-4 of 4 Results