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  1. Sedan
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  2. Ride of the Month
    Hey guys! So from now on, i'll be dealing with the FB2/ FG3 ROTM Submissions and voting. Bluestar will still be doing the usual K24Z7 Submissions and voting. As you all know, this is only the second month that we've had the Non-Si ROTM contest running due to numerous requests, so lets make it...
  3. Ride of the Month
    Ok.. so ive been asked to do a ROTM for non- Si's!! So here it is... Requirments: 9th gen civic... non Si.... can be Hf, hybrid, Natural Gas... Lx Dx Fx...wait..i think Fx is Fox network..oh well you get the drift... So enter your submissions here.. If you are in this month you are...
  4. Pictures and Images
    One of our older rigs.. have two of this model left.. gonna replace them out this year.. My ride...got her brand new last year... F- 450... Air ride... Led lighting inside and out... such a improvement it is... Extrication unit... Jaws of life... Cutter.... Combi tool...
1-4 of 5 Results