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  1. Boomba Racing Rotor Cutting

    Boomba Racing
    Eventually rotors do wear down. Uneven fade can cause premature rotor wear. Boomba Racing understand the importance and we have just picked up a brand new grinder for rotors and flywheels. We have plenty of experience cooking our rotors on the race course and even more experience in precision...
  2. Rotor question!?!?

    Suspension & Brakes
    So I have a Lx sedan and need new rotors soon can anybody tell me the diameter of them or where I can find it?! PLEASE!!!!!
  3. NEO Forged BIG Brake Kits! New Sponsor Vendor Special. 10% off all orders.

    BIG Brake Kits NEO BRAKE SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS -Forged 6061 alloy aluminum construction -Increased Performance and Improved Balance -Improved Brake Torque and Modulation -Quick change pad design. (Brembo or AP Brake Pads will also fit) -2 Piece Rotor Design (Lighter, Cooler, Cost Efficient)...