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  1. RPM problem

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi sorry for the translation done by google. When I press the set button on the cruise control, my rpm will move alone. If the cruise is activated and I press set , the problem does not appear. This has no effect on the engine or other, only if someone has an idea! civic si 2014 ACUITY...
  2. A/C on causes RPMS to drop quickly and cause jerky shifting

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey guys, I've searched the forums and still could not find the answer to this issue im having. So anytime I use the A/C in my 2014 Si shifting becomes a big pain in the a**. My car is stock other than a catback, no hondata. So as all 9th gen owners know, our car comes with rev hang. However...
  3. New Exhaust/ CATs removed/ Low Idle/ Studdering

    Interior Problems
    Hi all, I am somewhat new to car modifications, and did comb through the forum and found no-one with the same problem as I. Long story short, I Installed AEM Cold Air Intake, and Invidia Q300 full exhaust/Down pipe/ Cat deletion. After it was all installed, I drove it around for the 30-40...
  4. Slight engine vibration at 2500 rpms?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi everybody, I have had my 2013 civic si sedan for just about 9 months now. It has about 17,000 miles on it. Just recently lowered it on skunk 2 lowering springs, I just recently noticed that when I rev up to exactly 2500 rpms I feel the car shake, I think it is coming from the engine. When I...
  5. RPM meter malfunctioning

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    My RPM meter is going from 0-1 without having the car on. anyone have the same problem? Solution? :xyxnervous:
  6. Sensing engine RPM ... how might I do this?

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Is there a way to sense engine RPM? Like a computer readout? Is there a way to get a rpm number into a laptop or multimeter or something? Is there more than one way to read the RPM? Presumably there's a wire that goes to the tach that includes a tach signal. Is there a second or third "data...
  7. 4500 rpm hesitation in 2012 LX

    Drivetrain Problems
    Well my Civic spent all last friday at the dealer trying to figure out the hesitation issue. It was the second time ive had it up there for that and they cant figure out why. It goes back this Friday and if no fix has been found, SC law states that its a lemon.
  8. i-vtec cuts in at 3,000 rpm

    Video Room
    watch this commercial when they show the dash of 13 si. the i-vtec starts coming on at 3,ooo rpm, why doesn't honda do this for the cars they sell Shorter 2013 Honda Civic Ad: Yes, We Screwed Up
  9. buzzing/rattling from dash between 5-6k rpm.

    Interior Problems
    Hi I have the afe intake and noticed that lately since it has gotten colder, there is a very annoying buzzing/rattling noise coming from the dash between 5000-6000rpm. It only happens during this rpm range and I can't figure out where in the dash its coming from. Any ideas or anyone experience...
  10. 8k RPM and higher?

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Why is it I see RSX-S and 8th Civic Si with K24 swaps still revving out to about 9k RPMs and ours doesn't? Is it a simple valve spring issue or is there other factors that come into play?
  11. Engine won't rev over 5000 rpm

    My ex won't rev past 5000 rpm's since I installed my fog lights. Is my relay bad or something? I only have 4500 miles on it.
  12. SI: Not smooth when letting off the throttle during certain rpm.

    Drivetrain Problems
    The SI seems to have a harsh jerk when letting off the throttle at certain RPM. Let's say I was in second and went to 3-4k RPM but needed to slow down all of the sudden, the car would jerk back if I let off the throttle too abruptly. Happens even when I'm blimping the throttle, so I have to let...
  13. IL: Chicago - Haunted RPM Car/Bike Show - October 20th, 2012

    Gatherings and Meets
    Haunted RPM is BACK! Location: 3440 Odyssey Court Naperville IL 60563 Car Show 5pm-10pm OFFICIAL FACEBOOK EVENT & RPM Facebook ~ HAUNTED RPM EVENT ~ RPM Official Facebook Page To register your car or motorcycle Register here There are 6 classes for motorcycles so you bike guys...
  14. 1100 rpm at 45 mph?????

    Drivetrain Problems
    I noticed that when I'm going around 40-43 mph on a mild decline and when I let off the gas and the car isn't picking up speed, the RPM drops from 1400 rpm to 1100 rpm and then the car almost does this surging thing where it picks up a lot of speed. However, if I'm going 45 and the car is...
  15. Si RPM on highway

    Drivetrain Problems
    So I just got my Si this past Sunday. It's my first manual and my first Honda. It seems like the RPM on the highway is a lot higher than I had expected. At 70MPH, I'm above 3k. My old car had a five-speed auto and similarly sized engine, but with less torque and the Si revs higher at cruising...
  16. RPM's?

    Drivetrain Problems
    I just noticed that when I revv my car to about 2000-3000 rpm's and then let go of the gas the rpms don't come down smoothly. It comes down smoothly until it hits about 1000 rpms it gets stuck their for about a second and drops a little below that. Just wondering if this was normal.
  17. Sudden high rpm. Transmission problem?

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hi, I drive Civic LX coupe with 1300 miles on it. I was driving on a flat highway and accelerating from ~ 60 to 65 mph when revs went up to 3500 and stayed like that for quite a while. Neither removing foot from gas pedal nor braking helped to bring revs down. I had to stop, turn engine off...
  18. RPM Question

    Drivetrain Problems
    hi guys, this happened several times, when i'm breaking suddenly the rpm shoots up, one time it went up to 4000, other times around 3000. is this the 'rev hang' issue that was discussed in this forum? if not you guys have any idea about it? i'm definitely going to ask the service guy next...
  19. Rattle coming from front dash

    Interior Problems
    All of a sudden driving the other day out of nowhere I noticed a rattle coming from the front dash. Cant tell if its in the middle or right side just somewhere in between. I popped off the glove box and felt around underneath, took the cabin filter out, felt the air vents, the stereo, etc. and I...
  20. What RPM is the rev limiter on our si?

    Drivetrain Problems
    What rpm is it at? Like the 8th gen had in neutral and 1 st from a stop. Te one that sounds like a 2 step launch control