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  1. Anyone running a pass through intercooler rather than vertical flow?

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    I have quite a few parts from a previous build (B series EG) and I would like to use as much as possible. With that said I see that PRL and Full Race both use a vertical flow intercooler, has anyone used a pass through type intercooler on the 12' Si (or 06-11 as they are a pretty similar...
  2. Anybody running 245/40/17 on stock wheels?

    Wheels and Tires
    As the title says....
  3. 2012 all lights flashing no start

    Drivetrain Problems
    I have a 2012 honda civic si. Got into the car turned key it started then died now the lights are flashing like crazy after trying to start the car.Head lights tail lights and dash lights. The car will start but then die. Will not stay running longer then 30 secs. I have changed the fuel pump...
  4. High Beams, Low Beams & Day Time Running Lights (DRL): Huh?

    Okay guys, I feel like a total dumb dumb...but can someone explain these to me? I've read several threads and some posters where confused/wrong as to what was what, then they were corrected by someone who was also confused/wrong, and thus leaving me completely confused Lol Low Beams = What you...
  5. Daytime Running lights (DRL) Module installation

    I have asean version of the civic that does not come with DRL. I'm interested in getting it installed, i assume there is some sort of module that was excluded. I checked the honda parts store and dont seem to find anything related to a DRL module. anybody knows what it needed for me to implement...
  6. Projector LED Day Time Running Lights

    Hey i know everyone on here has done the LED daytime running lights to there stock headlights but my question is i have the factory honda projectors on my coupe and id love to change the daytime running lights to led lights. does anyone know by any chance if it is the same bulb as the stock...
  7. One of my daytime running lights is dimmer

    So this is probably due to something I messed up by installing my HIDs so I can't bring it in for warranty servicing for the issue. One of my daytime running lights is noticeably dimmer than the other. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I didn't replace the DRL bulb and I have a ballast...
  8. LED Daytime Running Lights?

    Hi everyone, are there LED light bulbs available for the Daytime Running Lights? What type are they and where would be the best and most affordable place to get them? Thanks in advance!
  9. Honda Civic is SAFEST Choice. Hyundai and KIA rank lowest two years running

    Honda & Civic News
    Honda Rated as Top Manufacturer; PVC Reduction Efforts Hailed (Ann Arbor, MI) - Today the Ecology Center released its fourth consumer guide to toxic chemicals in cars at HealthyStuff.org, finding the Honda Civic at the top of this year's list Civic Ranks #1, CR-Z #3, RDX #5, ZDX #6
  10. Day time running light, how to deactivate?

    Hi all: i am in need of help on how to deactivate daytime running light, any ideas?
  11. I want to start running my Si at the track.

    Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    being only 45 mins away from VIR (Virginia International Raceway) I want to start running my Si every now and then. I am a complete noob when it comes to these sorts of things and would love tips from guys that track there FWD cars. things like should I save for high end coilovers or would the...
  12. Universal L Shape LED Daytime Running Light!

    Universal L Shape LED Daytime Running Light available [email protected]!!
  13. Xenon White 9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running

    Did you guys do this.. Check out this link....I'm planning to do it to my car.... 9005 LED Bulbs | Acura TSX TL Honda Civic Accord Daytime Running Light
  14. Day running lights

    can someone recommend me some good bulbs for the DRLs. Something around 8k-10k (blue)
  15. What's the point of having yellow fog lights and HID running lights?

    The HID lights I can understand to see farther and clearer but why do people use yellow fogs? Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk
  16. Daytime running lights

    Are the daytime running lights running on our civics the same bulbs as the lowbeams?
  17. Running a power wire??

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey, im looking to install a sub soon, and was wondering if anyone knew if there were any pre-drilled holes that i can run the power wire through from the battery to amp. any help or pics would be very appreciated! i drive a 2012 civic coupe ex w/ nav
  18. Running power to GPS

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Just wondering if anyone had experience running wiring from engine bay to somewhere above the dash. I want to just have a power port for my GPS unit but I hate plugging in lighter power adapters and having the cable running across the dash. I was wondering if its possible to bring a wire out...
  19. LEDs as Running lights

    anyone know some part numbers/if it is possible to use LED's for my running lights? i think my first mod is going to be HIDs and LED running lights part numbers? link to another thread? any help would be great. supper new to this forum, so i hope i am asking in the right place ect.
  20. Eibach Springs

    Suspension & Brakes
    Well for the 2012 Honda Civic LX... Just turned in my car to Eibach this morning so that they can measure and test new springs... According to them the springs for the 2011 models don't fit anymore and they have to make a whole new set... So I'm glad I was able to help. Not sure when they will...