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  1. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    Hey guys ran my car at atco raceway last night for the first time got 5 runs in and im just not happy with the outcome. My only performance mod is an aFe intake. I tried launching the car from 3k 2k and also leaving from almost idle. I see people going 14.7 stock and was wondering if you guys...
  2. Video Room
    Here are some runs I did from last friday. I hope you enjoy :)
  3. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    So took car to atco last nite for import gamblers race,not a great not for racing,95 degrees 50% humidity.also i havent made a pass in like 7 years.anyway got a 14.99 out of it @94 mph and car is absolutly bone stock so im happy!!also won my first elimination before rain came.these cars have...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    I got a dyno blue civic exI do not know which color rims to getGold? White? Black? Or Gunmetal?Any suggestions? I'm new to this forum! Plz help!Any pics would be helpful too!
  5. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    Just wondering what people are running on the tracks on the 8th and 9th gen.
1-5 of 5 Results