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  1. Honda S2000 Modulo Climax

    Honda & Civic News
    The S2000 Modulo looks like a Catfish... But I don't give a crap. It's light, rear wheel drive and a Honda - sign me up:) Honda S2000 Modulo Climax is a Latecomer: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon | AutoGuide.com News
  2. S2000 wheels on a Civic?

    Wheels and Tires
    anyone know if these S2000 wheels will fit on my Civic coupe? I would paint them titanium and maybe polish the lips... Honda S2000 Factory 16" Wheels
  3. My wife stole the S2000, so....

    New Member Introductions
    Well, not really. She drives it more than I do because I went with an 2004 Infiniti FX35 after we had kids, but now we haul them in a Sienna. So I need to come back to my roots and I'm looking into a 2013 SI Coupe. I've had a 1996 Civic DX, 2000 Civic LX Coupe, 2002 RSX. Please add fuel to...
  4. Drove my S2000 to work today.

    Pictures and Images
    Wanted to share a pic of her:
  5. July 2nd 2012, Let's Go Lapping! @ Shannonville Motorsport Park

    NEO MOTORSPORT & SQUEAKY CLEAN Presents, Let's Go Lapping @ Shannonville Motorsport Park. Full Weekend of Motor Spectacular! GT Challenge Race on Saturday! @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DMCC Drift Madness on Sunday! @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Let's Go Lapping on Monday!!!!! @...
  6. HID headlight retrofit w/ S2000 projectors, type K shrouds, angel eyes

    Hello Everyone, Just had CustomLightz do my retrofit. It is amazing how bright and wide the beam pattern is for s2k projectors, also love the nice blue/purple color of the beam cutoff. Since I don't have another ride, I had scheduled for a same day retrofit. I had a lot of fun hanging out...
  7. S2000 drag race wheelie

    Video Room
    Yeah, I know this is a civic forum, but its a cool video.
  8. LS1 Powered Honda S2000

    Honda & Civic News
    Craziness. It looks like the LS1 was meant to fit in that engine bay originally made for a inline 4. Not crazy over this swap, but i rather see a J32 TL motor swapped into a S2K. :) Hate it or Love it LS1 Powered Honda S2000 is Deliciously Sacrilegious [Videos] | AutoGuide.com News