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    It seems with the update to Android 10 I have loss the use of car mode with my Samsung note 9. Not saying car mode and mirrorlink was something extraordinary but it was nice to have that feature. Plus I can never get my Hindalink to work. Am I the lonely fish in this pond?
  2. Audio/Video & Navigation
    S8 is transferring incoming calls to phone Honda Civic 2012 I've had my car for 3 years. Recently, my Samsung Galaxy 8 (I've had a year) has started transferring ALL incoming calls on my car's bluetooth to my handset. I've had issues in the past with the phone doing this, and have deleted...
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I've recently purchased a Civic vti-L which comes with bluetooth and iMid. I was told by the salesman that the bluetooth works best with an iPhone because it can see your phonebook where as for Android phones, because contacts are stored on the SIM card, the contacts need to be...
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    i got problem on my cell any one can help? i can connect my phone to the car but they automatic jump to call myself. i try to hang up but they jump back to call myself never stop. i dont know why .any one can help me ?
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    My phone and car refuse to pair well. The phone simply does not connect or it connects and unconnects two or three times a minute. I have tried erasing my connection from both my phone and my Civic and starting with a new pairing process, but even this does not work. I am at my wits end. One...
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey All! I am looking to upgrade my phone to the Galaxy nexus, has anyone successfully paired this to their Honda? I currently have the Nexus One and Song information does not display properly and I want to make sure my next phone will work. thanks!
  7. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2. Great phone but I'm having connectivity problem with the 2012 civic bluetooth. I know it's the phone because I returned the other identical phone last week that was brand new and had the same problem. It pairs with the civic but then diconnects and reconnects every...
1-7 of 10 Results