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  1. Rear window seal.... Whatcha call it?

    Interior Problems
    2012 Civic ex-l. The back drivers side window turns over a small section of the seal when the window is raised. I thought about taking it in- only 20k miles but not sure this will be covered and looks to be a cheap fix compared to taking time off work. Only issue is the rubber seal. Is it the...
  2. 2013 Civic EX. engine gasket or hose/valve seal leak? Washer fluid too. Please help.

    Exterior Problems
    Any other 2013 civic owners out there? I randomly stumbled upon a 2013 civic review on YouTube and when they were showing the engine compartment, I noticed it has a leak. My 2013 car has the same exact kind of leak as well. Circled in red in the pic. It seems to be around the engine (valve?)...