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  1. Preventing car theft? Best security products?

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    Hey all, new to the forum and all. I'm currently waiting on my silver 2013 civic 4 dr (EX-L Alabaster silver, black leather)to arrive at the dealership. Should be there by next week. Only thing I am getting is the security system from the dealership, (considering lojack too). What kind of things...
  2. What Security are you using?

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    I do not have a garage, and park at work in a high theft lot. So far I use a club, stock alarm, and pull the fuel pump fuse. (pain) I plan on installing an in-line fuel pump kill switch. What are you all using/ doing?
  3. Security System

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    Are there any recommendations as to what Security System i should get? Has anyone upgraded there stock Security Systems? Thanks
  4. Security Relock

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    Hello, Does anybody in here know exactly how the security relock timer works? I set it to 15 sec already,sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. One time i park my car,turn off engine,get off from car and go to home without locking the door from my remote. 2 minutes later when i come...
  5. Radio Code

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    Radio security code When I got my 2000 civic si it came with a card that had the radio serial number and security code on it, but with my 2012 I can't find that card. Not sure if they still put those in. I did find a sticker on the service history log/manual, it has a 5 digit number and then...
  6. Should I buy the dealer's security system for my soon new 2012 Civic Coupe LX A/T?

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    Hello and happy July 4 to all and will be civic owners, I am new here. :icon_wave: I got an offer for both the 2012 Civic Coupe and Sedan LX A/T. Coupe - $18,041 Sedan - $18,221 Both prices include destination fee. I personally like the Coupe. It has a gangsta look in person, especially the...