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  1. Mugen style Window Visors/ k&n drop in filter

    For Sale Section
    Selling brand new mugen style Window visors for 12-15 civic sedan, sealed in bag, never opened. Purchased from hardmotion for $96 after tax. Looking to sell for $75. Also selling a used K&n drop in air filter. Had it installed for 1 year. $30 Can provide emailed receipt if needed.
  2. Removing shift knob for 2013 Honda Civic Sedan LX (automatic)

    Interior mods
    Hey guys, I'm trying to change my original shift knob for an after market one and I just want to double check on how to properly remove it so I don't break anything. If anyone knows how or a previous thread explains it please help me!! I need pictures or a video. Sorry I'm visual Thanks!!
  3. Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Been coming across this site for a while, ever since I got my Si a little over a year and a half ago. Figured I'd make an account. Post might get a little sidetracked as I have a tendency to do so but want to talk about my car and mods. Anyways, I've got a 2013 Si sedan, silver. Only mods done...
  4. ***WTB one OEM 2012 civic si wheel***

    Wanted Section
    Hello everyone, I am in need of a single OEM 2012 Civic SI wheel. I am located in New York, willing to meet up in Dutchess County, Putnam County, Westchester County and NYC if need be. Not looking to have it shipped, I need it asap unfortunately. My number is 845-216-9462 text me bc that...
  5. bumper help!!

    Hey Guys i have a "asian" bumper 2012 (front) and i'm currently looking for a SI 2014 coupe (front bumper). so anyone looking for a trade? or someone willing to sell me a SI coupe 2014 bumper? Thanks for the help.
  6. Sedan Pic Request

    Pictures and Images
    Are there any sedan owners that have the "Mugen" spoiler also running Mugen wheels or the same spoiler with RPF1's? I've searched long before joining here, and I cannot find any such car. Either they'll have the mentioned wheels with the stock spoiler, or they'll have every other known brand...
  7. eBay Sedan Mugen RR Style Rear Lip

    Just purchased this a while back, and waiting for it to get painted and installed to my 2014 Civic Sedan. Anyone have experience with this? I've looked through the forum and no one has them on! Looking forward to hear from y'all! :icon_headfones:
  8. is there a difference with 2015 sedan si and coupe si headlights?

    So I'm trying to buy some headlights from a guy not in my state but his si is a coupe mine is a sedan. Same year, but I thought they were different? He is saying there are no difference. Can someone verify this?
  9. New member W/ 2015 EX in Las Vegas, NV

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I am Eddie(24) the owner of a brand new Black Auto. 2015 Honda Civic EX Sedan. It's my daily driver and I plan on doing a couple of upgrades/mods to it, mostly just to make it look nice, since it's not an Si... So far it's been tinted(5%), I added Window Visors and Sunroof Visor...
  10. Will a 8th Gen Mugen spoiler fit on a 9th Gen sedan

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    I have someone offering me a 8th gen mugen spoiler for my 9th gen sedan I'm just wondering if it fits and there a bit of damage to the left side, all he said was "metal frame on the left side came out so you'd have to find a way to get it back in" if anyone knows how to fix it that would be great
  11. Sound Comparison: Borla S-Type, stock, & no muffler on 2013 Honda Civic Sedan 1.8L

    Downpipes and Exhausts
    Sound Comparison: Borla S-Type, stock, & no muffler on 2013 Honda Civic Sedan 1.8L Sound comparison between stock exhaust before and Borla S-Type axle back exhaust after installation on 2013 Honda Civic Sedan 1.8L. Also included a clip with no muffler installed. Sounds great, just a bit louder...
  12. Aftermarket Grille 14 Civic?

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Has anyone seen or know of a manufacturer of an aftermarket grille for a 2014 Honda civic sedan. I've been looking around but have just been coming up dry. I'm looking for a grille that has badge delete so a light bar can shine through it. thanks!
  13. Great Ebay OEM SI Spoiler on a 2013 LX Sedan

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    The title says it all! Installed it in about 30-45 min. The only hard part was splicing the brake light. Here are a couple of pictures, hope you guys like it! Here's the link to which one I bought: 2012 2015 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Painted SI Style Rear Spoiler Wing Brand New | eBay
  14. Help needed: Can you ID this spoiler?

    Saw this the other day (sorry for the crappy pics... I was driving but don't tell anybody) I like the look of this spoiler a lot. Low profile but stylish. Through a little research I think I may have found it, or similar: Honda Deck Lid Spoiler 08F10-TR0-1H0 QUESTION IS -- what year is...
  15. 2013 SI Spoiler on the 2013 LX Sedan?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know if any of you can clarify that the SI Spoiler on the 2013, would fit on a 2013 LX sedan? Thank you very much!!
  16. Head Unit and Speaker assistance

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello, I am very new to the car audio world. I'm very glad I found this forum. Please forgive my lack of knowledge. I am having concerns regarding upgrading my sound system in my Honda Civic. I know it is nothing fancy, but I would like a nice sound system for my car. My Car: 2012 Honda...
  17. Organum's project

    Build Section
    I am a little in debt so I won't be doing this build fast. But there where a few things that I have in mind right off and will just post them here. Car is a 2013 Civic Si 4D, 19,500 ish on it. I am straying away from the power adding mods for right now. Reason for that is parts are a little more...
  18. HELP! Need a Replacement Front Bumper 2012 LX Sedan

    Hey guys, unfortunately someone decided to turn into me and hit me on my front right corner of my car. It was low speed, but he cracked my front bumper and gave a few side swipe scratches on the side panel. His insurance paid for the cost of the repair $1k. Do you guys recommend getting it fixed...
  19. SiRicky's FB6 Build Thread

    Build Section
    Hey everyone for those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Ricky from NJ nice to meet you?! I'm currently on my third week of recuperating from brain surgery and all this time at home with nothing to do has led me to searching for a whole bunch of new toys which I had promised myself awhile back...
  20. Rear Window Visor installation for 12-15 sedan

    Exterior Styling
    Here is a diy for installing a rear window visor. This is best done with two people and a heat gun. 1. Press down the visor into the desired position on the edge of the window. Begin applying some heat to make the plastic more pliable 2. With ample force, hold the corner and sides down as you...