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  1. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    I thought since there some detailing booths, I can show you guys some coverage of detailing products and companies this year. Being in the industry, I get updates so I'll update them here. I'm not actually there. Optimum just released their ONR Wash and Wax product. This is going to be...
  2. Honda & Civic News
    Each Fall the SEMA Show brings together tuners, car customizers and even folks from the realm of motorsports to showcase some of the most wildly modified vehicles in the world. Along with the usual elements, this year watch for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ to steal the show like they have...
  3. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    I checked this site and I see some threads rolling around about it, but not with the pics from this link. My friend who mods srt-4s sent this to me...lol'd at the fact he sent it to me vice finding it hear. sorry if it's a repost: Exclusive Content…The Bisimoto Engineering 2012 Honda Civic...
  4. Pictures and Images
    just thought you guys would like to see Bisi's 1000hp civic...i follow the chronicles a lot and he covered the first look of his car...heres the link The Chronicles…ver.3 – A Honda Dedicated Blog/E'Publication
  5. Honda & Civic News
    With the 2011 SEMA Show just around the corner, we’ve been getting fed tons of teasers and sneak peeks of finished projects that will be making their way to the big aftermarket expo in Las Vegas. But forget teasers, here’s the full reveal of Fox Marketing’s 2012 Honda Civic Si, boasting a...
  6. Honda & Civic News
    The guys over at Tjin Edition followed up the teaser of their two SEMA Ford projects with this rendering of their Honda Civic Sedan project from Gurnade Design Firm. This will be the fourth Honda Tjin Edition has built for SEMA and this time around, Tjin Edition teamed up with Wraptivo, Daley...
  7. Honda & Civic News
    Fox Marketing has built some crazy rides in the past for SEMA, including several widebody Lexus vehicles blending the best of luxury and sport into one attractive package. For this year’s show, it looks as though Fox Marketing has teamed up with Honda to show off what its new 2012 Civic Si can...
  8. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    http://carbuzz.com/news/2011/9/18/SEMA-Bound-2012-Honda-Civic-Coupe-Gets-500HP-Courtesy-of-Fox-7704847/ Had to share photos of future parts!!!
  9. Honda & Civic News
    Autoguide reports the CR-Z is doing well in Japan. So well that Honda makes a special edition CR-Z.... http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2010/12/honda-cr-z-jcoty-edition-is-built-for-gloating.html Maybe the 2012 civic will do this good in more markets?
1-9 of 16 Results