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  1. Si Only
    Ok first things first to let you know im a newbie on this and my questions would sound stupid but please i need your help though... ok im planing to buy a SS for my birthday, so my question is what do u need to get a SS ? Do i need to buy the base bushing, cable bushing and adapter? or i only...
  2. Interior mods
    Wtf why do other countries get paddle shifters and we don't, is there any way I can get an aftermarket version of it
  3. Si Only
    Well question is, does it fit? I was wondering I'd they use the same style shifter set up as last year. I don't see why they wouldn't. Can anyone like corspor have a answer to this? Or anyone from Honda see if their shifter and console is the part number as the 8th gen
1-3 of 3 Results