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  1. Injen Cold Air Intake, really shows this much improvement?

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    A user posted that the video I am "talking about" is in KMH (which didn't come to mind when watching it), so I made this thread. I suppose I found my solution! Switching to KMH from MPH = more improvement from the Injen CAI! :eusa_clap::eusa_dance: - Saw this video and was amazed by the...
  2. DIY: Hidden Plate for Shows

    Exterior Styling
    For you guys that are required by law to run a front plate but would like the looks of no plate for shows, meets and show & shines I made a system for my TL that I will be doing on the Civic too. Here are some pix and a link to the DIY ... this can be done on most cars. Plate up Plate...