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si cluster in lx sedan

  1. Cluster and Speedo color change

    Has anyone installed a SI cluster in their EX I have an EX I just made an order with Katzkinz to have my interior cloth redone in red vinyl but I want to change out the cluster to match the seats I know on 8th gens it was possible with rewiring plug on the rpm cluster but I want to know if...
  2. 2013 si tach and speedo in 2012 lx sedan

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    I bought a tach and speedo from a crashed 2013 si and tried installing it In my 2012 lx sedan and it actually worked it's all plug and play but the only issue is that the miles would be from the vehicle the clusters came off from that and the si has a shift light but that won't work also your...