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  1. 2013 civic si video produced by Honda (so sick)

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    2013 Honda Civic Si Coupe Overview - Official Site
  2. HAH! sick.....

    well.. thats one way to ruin my day. i kept hoping it was just a dream...
  3. Sick Photoshoot 2012 EX coupe. (Lots of custom mods) ;)

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    :wigglesmiley: :wigglesmiley: Basically started off with a stock ex coupe with Navi & Now it's currently this and loving it! specs: 2012 Honda Civic EX w/ Nav. Greddy TI-C Muffler OEM Front Valence OEM Rear Valence OEM Style Spoiler OEM Foglights 6000k HID Low/Fogs LED interior LED...
  4. One clean S2K with WORK + WeK Sos + Nardi & more...Pic's inside

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    I don't see this too often. A street S2k done up strictly for performance, with a simple and clean exterior with baller performance mods. Always loved S2000's and this is one hella nice s2000. Even tho it's very mild in terms of mod's, i still like it. taken from canibeat