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  1. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Who would be interested if Moddiction created blue convex mirrors for our 9th gen Civics? I had a friend that with these on his 8th Civic and were absolutely amazing. Not only did they help with blind spots, but looked fantastic. His car also had a light tint on the side windows and had no...
  2. Interior Problems
    So I recently pulled up my floor mats to clean them and found that the carpet underneath is totally soaked on the driver's side. Not just a little...a lot. It's been raining here on and off for the past several weeks so I'm guessing it might be that. So far I've checked underneath the hood...
  3. Sedan
    Hi all, I just purchased the 2013 Civic LX SEDAN, and I'm looking for the body kits of this 2013 model. Not sure if the 2012 model will fit it. The 2013 body kit is not out yet I guess. Please let me know if anyone had found them. Thanks
  4. Coupe
    Does anyone know, are these body kits typically installed at the factory or does the dealership install them when they receive the cars? I am considering purchasing a kit but worry about a botched job at the dealership.
  5. Sedan
    just not sure if I like my moldings anymore...anyone take theres off? Sent from my SGH-T679 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  6. Coupe
    Finally got my side markers done! Took me and my cousin about 6 hours but we wanted to make it perfect. I like it a lot, just wanted to show you guys and for reference for those who want to do it too with a coupe. The car is still a work in progress, let me know what you all think! Here it is...
  7. Coupe
    i have the ez lip and its great. ordered the EZ Lip side skirts. will post pix here when installed:eusa_dance:
  8. Exhausts and Downpipes
    So I'm not going to thread jack anyone instead I'm writing those for those too afraid to ask or those that don't have deep pockets for an exhaust. So a co worker and I both have fb6's decided to build our own exhaust setup to see who would yield a better setup our budget was 2 bills tops So me...
  9. Coupe
    I was wondering if anyone had the body side molding and door edge guard installed on their '12 civic si's, preferably coupes. I wanted to see how it looked cosmetically before making any choices. Thanks! :)
  10. Sedan
    Okay so i some douch bag decided to hit my driver side mirror housing and leave. So i was going to buy a new housing my question is how do i remove the old one? Please help it would be much appreciated.
  11. Sedan
    I opted for the base/standard 2013 Civic LX (Sedan), but I'm finding it a pain to drive in the SF Bay area because my side mirrors are fogged every morning and keep re-fogging throughout my drive (despite wiping them... which I can't do to the right mirror). What's entailed in getting heated...
  12. Exterior
    I am planning to install signal lights on the side mirrors for added safety and style as well. I just need advice or opinion about installing it. Any tips about removing the mirror covers? I have no idea how to remove anything from a Honda car because it is my first honda. What can i do to stop...
  13. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    I noticed right after I got my 2012 civic si coupe it rained and there was a little rust/water stain that ran down the side lip and was coming from the drainage holes on the inside of my door. I took it to the dealership and they looked at the other 2012 models and said they were all made like...
  14. Coupe
    Hey guys, so as the title kind of gives it away, I am currently struggling on a project that requires removal of the side view mirror GLASS. I Know that most cars have a specific way of removing the glass from the housing, but im really not too sure on the 9th gen civic. Have any of you guys...
  15. Coupe
    Hey guys, I scratched the bottom of the front driver side bumper on the curb this morning on my 3 week old si. Anyone have any ideas on how to repair the scratched off paint? It's about he size of a playing card and since the car iswhite it kind of stands out
  16. Exterior
    has anyone done this ?? thinking about trying out blue, but im noob when i comes to this stuff. 2 Blue 14 SMD LED Arrow Panels for Car Side Mirror Turn Signal Indicator Light | eBay They make it sound so easy. "1)Remove the base of the side mirror 2)Place the LED arrow inside the back of the...
1-17 of 78 Results