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  1. Exterior
    Sup. I changed my rear turn signals to some amber colored CREE LEDs and now both the rear and the front flash faster... they all work, no error messages, but they're just really fast. Any way to fix that or is this the price we pay for LEDs?
  2. Exterior
    Hi, I'm new to the boards. Just recently got a 2012 Honda Civic (LX - don't laugh). I plan on doing some things to it, first off swapping rear orange tail light bulbs for white LED's. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to find some? Can't seem to find them. Thanks...
  3. Exterior
    has anyone done this ?? thinking about trying out blue, but im noob when i comes to this stuff. 2 Blue 14 SMD LED Arrow Panels for Car Side Mirror Turn Signal Indicator Light | eBay They make it sound so easy. "1)Remove the base of the side mirror 2)Place the LED arrow inside the back of the...
  4. Sedan
    Is there any way to take out the orange part off the turn signal? Besides baking it......
  5. Coupe
    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to install these after market side mirror turn signals. Anyone know the turn signal wire color and location underneath the dash? if anyone knows it'll be a huge help. Thanks!.
  6. Exterior
    anyone know the turn signal bulb size? or if there are any switchback leds for our cars ? having a hard time finding the correct bulb size..
  7. Interior Problems
    after turning left or right, the turn signal switch does not revert back into place. just had my fog lights installed. any idea how to fix this?
  8. Sedan
    It sucks that only the hybrid gets these. It is important for safety reasons. I got used to having drivers on the sides see me change lanes and avoid a bad situation. Even fender turn signals make a difference. They are required in Europe but not in the US... weird. Anyway, do you guys know if...
1-8 of 8 Results