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  1. Sedan
    Hi all, I just purchased the 2013 Civic LX SEDAN, and I'm looking for the body kits of this 2013 model. Not sure if the 2012 model will fit it. The 2013 body kit is not out yet I guess. Please let me know if anyone had found them. Thanks
  2. Coupe
    Does anyone know, are these body kits typically installed at the factory or does the dealership install them when they receive the cars? I am considering purchasing a kit but worry about a botched job at the dealership.
  3. Coupe
    i have the ez lip and its great. ordered the EZ Lip side skirts. will post pix here when installed:eusa_dance:
  4. Sedan
    Just saw them for sedans.. 159.99 unpainted free shipping.. Cant seem to put a link with my phone but it'll come up if you search it on eBay. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  5. Coupe
    Are there any out there for the '12 yet? Not a body kit, but a front and rear lip and side skirts. I think I can order some from Honda, but are there any others out there yet?
1-6 of 9 Results