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  1. Suspension
    Hi, I'm new the whole I guess it'll be "stance" scene and I purchased Function Form Type 2's and the rear is still pretty high to be maxed out compared to the fronts which are also maxed out. My friend has a pretty low TSX and he also has the Function Form Type 2's and I asked him and he also...
  2. Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys, looking to upgrade my 13 sedan ex finally. The Raceland coils for this car are inexpensive as I would rather spend the money on some wheels. Does anyone currently have raceland coils on their sedan? They only drop it 3", does anyone have some good pictures of their sedan maxxed out on...
  3. Build Section
    What's UP my 9ers!? I'm Jesse, I'm from Gwinnett Georgia, and I've been poking around on this forum since I got my FG4 back in early 2013, prior to that I had a 2012 LX sedan, which was also DBP, but to be quite honest I wanted more out of my Honda than the LX could provide, I was just so...
  4. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I know when you get a new car everything is perfect and no rattling or any sort of creeking inside the cabin/interior of your car. But as the car ages it makes more noises regarding grabing the doors, going over a bump etc etc. On my Eclipse I put coils on my car at around 100k and drove it to...
  5. Wheels and Tires
    Looking to get some rims on my TW FB6, I have narrowed it down to three rims. I am open to other options. I would like to lower the car on some Buddy Club/D2/Tein Coilovers soon. I am looking at: Enkei RPF1 in 17x9: http://www.enkei.com/images/race-series/rpf1-large.jpg (All colors look great...
  6. Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys what's up? I have a set of RPF1's that are 17x9 +45 that im debating keeping, trading or selling. What do you guys think? I will be slamming my car at the beginning of next month so I want some advice on using these wheels or getting something else? All help is appreciated.
  7. Gatherings and Meets
    Anyone gonna be in the LA area on October 13th? Formula Drift (competition) and Slammed Society (car show) is going DOWN! Formula DRIFT Society Showcase 2012 | Fatlace I'll be showcasing my 9th gen at the 88Rotors booth, come show your support!
  8. Suspension & Brakes
    I had a meeting with KSport USA today about development of a kontrol pro damper coilover system today. I will be dropping off my car with them so they can get measurements and build a kit for 2012 SI's. Hopefully the kit will be available in the next month or two. I'll keep everyone updated as...
  9. Pictures and Images
    Put my deposit down. I was just recently in a car accident and totaled my R18. Just waiting for my insurance to follow through with everything and then this baby is mine. The car is unwrapped and was built exactly 12 days ago to this date. and there is 000001 mile on this car. could not be more...
  10. Wheels and Tires
    2012 Honda Civic EX w/18" Niche Spa We had a local dealer bring us a new Civic 4DR for a set of wheels for the showroom display. Just thought I would share:wigglesmiley: Wheel info: Niche Spa 18x8 +35 Tire info: Falken Ziex ZE912 225/45/18
1-10 of 11 Results