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  1. DIY: Smoke tail-lights using VHT niteshades. **REFLECTION FINISH!**

    Exterior Styling
    Hi all, since joining the forums I have been seeing a lot of people that are smoking their tail lights themselves and getting different results. Some people swear by vinyl film, while others even think you can use plasti-dip to get this affect. I have been getting numerous amounts of PM's asking...
  2. DIY: Plastidip Smoke Tail lights

    Exterior Styling
    Exxxtreme ? (R18 #1971) (FB2 #88)
  3. Smoke out tail lights? And headlights?

    Has anyone smoked out there taillights on a dyno blue civic? Just wondering how it would look, I was thinking of doing it to my car and also smoking out the yellow on the headlights, some pics would be cool!