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  1. Exterior Styling
    I’ve been looking around the treads for smoked/tinted headlights and taillights and I really can’t get a Thorough method/way to correctly tint/smoke my civic. I’ve seen a couple that looks like matte finish on them and that’s not really what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m looking to tint/smoke...
  2. Sedan
    I was almost going to buy these tail lights 2012 2013 Honda Civic 4DR 4 Door Sedan LED Smoke Tint Tail Lights Rear Lamps New | eBay But then I realized, those would only replace the outer tail lights of a 2013 civic sedan and not the lights that are attached to the trunk of the car. I feel like...
  3. Coupe
    Just to give you guys an idea how they look up close when done right! :) Feedback!? 2012 Civic coupe.
  4. Coupe
    I own a Tafetta White Si Coupe and was wondering if i should tint out the lights? if anybody has done this and has pictures it would be great
  5. Sedan
    not sure if I loaded the pic right
  6. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I was cruising to work on the highway this morning behind an 8th gen black SI coupe (I have it in 4-dr), when all of a sudden this Corolla comes up from behind almost sideswiping us. Little did I soon realize...it was the 9th gen civic SI in some ugly army green color. I have to say Honda, I...
  7. Coupe
    So I traded my 2007 civic for my 2012. I was able to remove my rims and tail lights. Now I am trying to sell those tail lights. Does anyone know where I can sell them. They fit 2006-2011. They are LED. I bought them for $160 and then I had them professionally smoked. It's not blacked out, more...
  8. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Foreword by DWils: All taillight tinting-related threads have been merged into this thread. This thread covers spray painting, VHT, plastidipping, smoking, tinting, and otherwise making your taillights really hard to see, especially during the day. Please post questions, experiences, and how-tos...
1-8 of 9 Results