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  1. new member from socal

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys, i live in south oc, i just bought a 2012 si coupe, its my first Japanese car I was previously was on vortex currently my mods are Magnaflow Catback prototype Shhhh don't tell and K&N drop in the only other mods i most likely will do vinyl my roof springs and wheels until my warranty...
  2. New member from SoCal 2013 Civic LX

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    Hi all, I'm from Riverside, California. I just got a White 2013 Civic Sedan LX from Rock Honda, Fontana last week. Google around for more info about how to mod this baby, and I found 9thgencivic is a very great site to learn and share. I'm glad to be friend with you guys here, and I hope we can...
  3. New guy from socal : >

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    Harro guise, after lurking on the forums as 'guest' for many months, I've finally decided to make an accountttt. Am enjoy taking her into dem canyon roads for spins from time to time. I have a 2012 black civic couple lx, AT :icon_sad:. I feel the jelly and the sheepish when I see dem stick...
  4. New '13 LX from Socal

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    Hello! I'm new to the Honda world. They were never appealing to me, but my family decided to buy a new car and it ended up being an LX civic sedan. The color is Kona Coffee. I'm still deciding if I want to add any mods. I wanted to know if an LX has the potential to have more power. I'm not too...
  5. Where are my SoCal members at?

    Just curious. I'm from Pomona, and I had a chat with a guy (on this forum) who's from San Bernardino, made me curious as to who else is from the area. I've yet to run into another Si. Where you at?
  6. New SoCal Si Owner

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    Hey all, I'm Connor and I am 19. I'm from Temecula, California and I recently purchased a CBP Si Coupe about 2 and a half months ago. This is the first car I bought on my own and upgraded from a 1995 Civic EX Coupe. Went to the dealer to look at Si's and went on a test drive without ever driving...
  7. Sorta new SoCal member lol

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    Hey guys, my name is Dre. I live in OC in SoCal. I have had my 2012 Civic LX Coupe for almost a year now, but looking to trade it in for a Sedan Si. I love both body styles and love all the enthusiasm here and hope to make some friends. :haysmiley: Guess my account is someone OG, but I never got...
  8. New from SoCal

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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I bought a 2012 Si coupe this past Friday. Love everything about it which helped me get over my 97 prelude type SH disaster. Tried to bring it back to life and it just didn't work out. But I digress, my Si puts the smile back on my face. It's Rallye...
  9. hey! new owner of '12 civic ex sedan from soCal

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    I finally made an account. it amazing what most of you guys already done to your civics. First question. Does anyone recommend these "mugen pedals"? are worth it? line up correctly? Aluminum Automatic AT Brake Gas Pedal Fuel Pads cover pedals F HONDA CIVIC 2012 | eBay
  10. SoCal | PCH CRUISE + BBQ + BONFIRE | -- SUNDAY AUGUST 27, 2012

    Gatherings and Meets
    :woot: Sunday, August 27th, 2012 PCH Cruise Information Meeting up at 9:30 AM (Cruising at 10:30 AM) at Albertsons, 16600 Bolsa Chica Street, Huntington Beach, CA ... Our destination is 3008 E. Shore Ave, Newport Beach, CA. This is Corona Del Mar. The parking entrance is slightly...
  11. New Female Civic Coupe Owner, from SoCal! ;)

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    Hello fellow members, I'm Mikkie Reci, only 20 years old haha. Just got my Crystal Black Civic Coupe LX yesterday. So happy about it, I've been waiting more than 2 months. I was suppose to get white, but my car got delayed in customs in Canada. I couldn't wait anymore so I accepted a black one...
  12. so.cal 9th gen meets dead!?

    Gatherings and Meets
    Lol where is everyone in so cal at? I need to meet ppl and exploit my car! Haha
  13. ***aFe LOOKING FOR R18 OWNERS FOR INTAKE TESTING!!*** (DX/LX/EX Owners in SoCal!!!)

    ***aFe LOOKING FOR R18 OWNERS FOR INTAKE TESTING!!*** MUST HAVE - 2012 CIVIC: DX, LX, EX - COUPE OR SEDAN - LIVE IN OR NEAR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (Corona, CA) (loaner car available) The intake will be a Momentum intake for the 1.8L CIVIC!! This is the...
  14. New SoCal 2012 EXL

    New Member Introductions
    Hows it going everyone I'm new to the site, have been on a few times reading stuff and finally decided to make a profile. Heres what i have done to my civic so far :)
  15. socal where you at?!

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    Hey, new member here, been too lazy to make a forum name. Been a owner of a 2012 civic coupe pmm since it was out, just got finish doing my wheels and emblems. Lookin to get some eibach springs and retrofit for my headlights. Anyways the community here seems legit and what not, glad to be on...
  16. Who has the new 2012 Si... Looking for one in the SoCal for test fitment

    Si Only
    if you have a 2012 Civic Si and live in the SoCal area around the Montebello, El Monte, West covina, or surrounding Areas preferred so that way you dont drive so far. If you have one let me know so that way I can give you information for a company looking for this car for test fitment for an...
  17. new so.cal member.hawthorne.90250.south.bay

    I've had.my polished metal metallic 12' civic for about 3.months now..ex-l wit navigation..I like everything about the new civic any me:wigglesmiley:ets around my area post it here please.
  18. Official California Honda dealership thread

    2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe in polished metal just arrived this morning! Still in factory plastic and ready for delivery! no HFP Aero Kit this time call Marvin for any questions South Bay Honda 920 Thompson St. Milpitas,CA 95035 www.southbayhonda.com 408-712-8493 *pics will be up by the end...
  19. *Official Socal 805 Thread*

    Hey everyone, i know that this thread may be dead for a long time BUT it will still be good to have, so we know the 8thgen and 9thgen people from the area. As you might know 805 is pretty big. This can be chat thread, and a list of the people from the area. So ill be the first :) and maybe only...