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  1. Pandora not displaying song title and artist

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    When I hook my iPhone to the USB connector and use pandora, it seems like the first couple of songs the album cover, song, and artist are all displayed fine. After a few songs all I get is the album cover and no artist or song title. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue and how do I...
  2. i-MID not showing song text from Bluetooth. Normal on SI?

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    I'm curious, does the bluetooth link on the i-MID for the SI not show song data/info or is mine broken? My mom has a 2012 CRV, the pandora and music from my iPhone 5 to her i-MID shows everything perfectly, however on my SI, it shows shows "Bluetooth Audio" only and will not display song text...
  3. android Bluetooth song info.. what ROMs?

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    I cannot for the life of me get ANY song title information when streaming bluetooth from my razr maxx to my NAVI system.. It just always says Unknown.. with ALL apps, even built in stock music player.. I hear tell of others getting this to work with android.. if theres a custom rom that...
  4. HTC Android not displaying song titles over bluetooth - help?

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    I got delivery on my 2012 civic ex yesterday! So of course I've been playing around with the audio and display settings today. My HTC Desire Z synced really easily. phonebook displays, calls are made, no problems. It also recognizes Google music and I can play and skip tracks from the...
  5. Does anyone know how to display the song information via bluetooth using a iPhone 4S?

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    I know this works with certain androids. But does anyone have a iPhone connected throughout bluetooth audio showing the actually song information?
  6. Problems with Bluetooth Music - Won't Play Next Song

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi guys, I've been happy with playing music over BTA until recently. At first, I could easily use the steering wheel controls to skip to the next or previous song, but this no longer works. After one song finishes, the next starts playing on my phone's music player, but will not play over...