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  1. 2013 civic si sedan break screech?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Beyond frustrated! Recently driving and all of a sudden a screech noise, slight grind (metal on metal). Only happens when I turn or switch lanes. Now it is happening randomly when I'm driving straight sometimes. Is it because my rotors are bad? Calipers? Recently changed the breaks thought that...
  2. Sub install for $1100?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So long story short, I have a new 2015 Civic Si coupe and want some more bass, well actually I want better sound all the way around. I visited a premium audio shop here in Seattle and the guy tells me my speakers suck. He also says if I want good sound I need to replace the head unit, speakers...
  3. Grinding Noise while driving.. HELP!

    Drivetrain Problems
    What up 9thGENCivic, So for the past week or so, I've been noticing a grinding sound while driving. It appears that the sound is coming from the passenger side wheel. I took off the wheel to find anything that may attribute to the sound but could not find anything. Checked the breaks: no debris...
  4. Weird metal sound after turning off car?

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, I've noticed sometimes after I turn off my car when it's "resting", I hear a weird metal sound coming from underneath the car. And I was wondering what this noise was, and the cause of it. I was thinking maybe it's cause I'm driving too fast (I usually shift around 3-4k revs, and then...
  5. Remove BPV for BOV sound???

    Si Only
    I am very new at this, so I'm just asking: I was reading some other forum where people were removing their bypass valve hose to make a blow off valve sound when they shift. They would take the hose off and cap the intake where the hose inserted. I'm so new to cars that it sounds cool but I...
  6. Exhaust Sound

    Video Room
    videos a bit old but i love the sound coming out the ass end of this car so enjoy Aston Martin V12 Vantage Zagato
  7. Popping sound from front speakers when unlocking all doors

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem. 2012 Civic EX with radio on when unlocking all doors front speakers make a brief poping sound. Turn off sound or volume off no sound. Just unlock one door no sound. Did this when leaving dealership. 500 miles on car. When putting car...
  8. A shot vid after my RBC install.. awesome SOUND!

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    Well here is it, I'm sure you guys will need comparison, but believe me its LOUD! but quiet at part throttle and while cruising with a slight whistle during part throttle acceleration. The window was cracked during the making of this short clip. 100% 0%
  9. If you ever wondered why your factory speakers sound so bad...

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    It's because the factory mids only cost $8 each, and the EX tweeters $6, lol
  10. Odd 'crackle' sound coming from driverside front pillar [video clip]

    Interior Problems
    Okay guys. I have a weird sound coming from the driver side pillar, right by the tweeter. It literally sounds like ice breaking/crackling. It's odd 'cause it only happens for about 5 minutes or so (sporadically) and then it goes away. Happens almost every morning/late night. It's been cold (mid...
  11. Sound System Upgrade for Civic Sedan 2012 LX

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys, First of all, I'm aware there are a few posts already about this topic, however I still wanted a little more help. I have no budget, but that doesn't mean super pricy either. I pay for quality and will definitely pay the extra whatever it is just to get the better. Anyway, I'm...
  12. Radio works but... NO SOUND

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello, I have recently upgraded all the speakers. Only the speakers, on my otherwise factory EX non-navi. Nothing fancy, just took my speakers out of the box and replace OEM. I used crimped butt connectors and quick disconnects, covering any exposed metals with electrical tape. On my drive...
  13. Sound clips of the ART SRI

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Did a few pulls of the ART sri. Enjoy!
  14. Want some free sound from air box ?

    1 - Remove the rubber holding the box (#1) + the resonator together. ( At this point you're already done. But you can improve the sound still *a lot*) + Yaddah .. You're sucking some hot air. (I dont care as a daily driver for work.. i'm not racing in town!) + Let that resonator in...
  15. sound activated blue led light Civic Coupe Lx

    LED light in my car
  16. Raining sound

    Interior Problems
    When it starts to rain, I can hear raining. It feels like rain is coming into my car!
  17. Sound system wiring ¡?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Sound system wiring ¡? (Civic LX Coupe) I'm looking to get an amp and sub in the next week or so and I plan to install it myself (using stock HU). Does anyone have any pics of how you hid the wiring and lessen the visibility of the wires¿ Thanks in advance!
  18. Knocking sound

    Suspension & Brakes
    Anyone know what could be the cause of knocking sounds after springs were installed? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  19. EX Coupe with premium sound or LX with aftermarket sound? What should I buy?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi guys, My last car was a 2007 Accord LX Coupe which had terrible stock sound which I replaced with 4 POLK speakers, ALPINE 9887 head unit and trunk subwoofer (+ 2 amps). It cost me over $2000 and the install was a nightmare (thanks Sound Advice of Fort Lauderdale!). The scratched dashboard...
  20. The official "I can't decide on an intake for my Si" thread

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So last week I ordered a K&N intake and today I just ordered an ART sri intake for my civic Which do you all recommend I try first? PS I want power AND noise