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  1. Coupe
    Have any of you done this full upgrade? What's it like? Honda and Acura Fans: Honda Factory Performance (HFP) tuned Civic Si Coupe
  2. Drivetrain Problems
    This happens when downshifting or rapidly decelerating... can best be described as a rush of water or a "swoosh" if you will, lol. I noticed the same noise when I took a Si sedan out for a test drive two months ago before I placed my order for the Si coupe... so I assume is normal? What is it...
  3. Interior Problems
    All of a sudden driving the other day out of nowhere I noticed a rattle coming from the front dash. Cant tell if its in the middle or right side just somewhere in between. I popped off the glove box and felt around underneath, took the cabin filter out, felt the air vents, the stereo, etc. and I...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    When I just my iphone with the bluetooth/handsfree, it sounds like there's a lawn mower in the background. Checked it out with Honda. We set-up the tech's phone (not an iphone) and all was perfect. It's been suggested that it's either the iphone or an AT&T issue. Any one else with this...
  5. Honda & Civic News
    Honda has started a contest where they want people to submit a Civic inspired song and the winner will get a 2012 Honda Civic and will get to perform his or her song live at a 2011 Honda Civic tour date in Los Angeles. the below explains more about the Sounds of Civic contest also some songs...
1-5 of 6 Results