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  1. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Want to see how people like the tbs. any vids of how it sounds, or if they notice a difference.
  2. Intakes and TB Spacers
    So here in the next few weeks I'm gonna.be installing the takeda cold takesa air intake and the p2r tb spacer. Now my question is will the spacer fit with the takeda cai? Any info would help thx
  3. Wheels and Tires
    1" Wheel Spacers on Si HFP Hey guys need to buy some spacers for the car because the wheels the car came with are too slim. Instead of spending the cash to have new wheels and tires put on, i'm just gonna put wheels spacers on for now. At least that way the wheels would be flush with the...
  4. (Non-Si)
    anybody with a non-si put on a throttle body spacer yet? notice any changes or gains? just wondering whether or not it's worth it
  5. Intakes and TB Spacers
    First I'd like to say anyone who didn't successfullyu install the CAI with the TBS did not try. It was no problem all you ran into was the one hose being slightly short. So u just attach it 1/4 inch shy on each end and clamp it good and youre fine. Or just buty a hose thats a bit longer. Anyways...
  6. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Got it @ pro civic. So easy to install. I didn't notice any increase in power However the power is noticeably smoother. For $90 and 10 minutes its so worth it. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  7. Performance
    Just arrived in the mail today so after making a few runs had a little down time here at work so i decided to install it. IT coms with the spacer, gasket, all extended bolts. There is also a black plasic piece that screws into a hole on side of spacer. this is hole you can use later if you add...
  8. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I put in a k&n filter along with a p2p throttle body spacer and I'm very pleased. Throttle response is better, power is up, and the exhaust sounds better
  9. CorSport
    CorSport and P2R coming up with another mod for you guys, more of what we've all been waiting for, the first mods for these new civics. :cheerleader1: 2012+ Honda Civic Si P2R Throttle Body Spacer 2012+ Honda Civic Si P2R Throttle Body Spacers (red, black and silver) Increase...
  10. Performance
    This is all done by member WTEX, thanks for the detailed write up on the install!!!! Take off negative terminal on battery and set aside (10mm socket). Step 1. Take off rubber intake boot. Freeing the filter box from Cold air tube. Do not throw away for you will be re-using this piece...
  11. Intakes and Spacers
    I was the test dummy for this TBSpacer and it works. Buy them guys/girls, cause you're going to like it. If you think your 1.8 lacks at low throttle then buy it. Even with my ECON ON it made a huge difference. Throttle response is an immediate feel especially going from 2nd to 3rd gear. So far...
  12. Si Only
    With my older Civic, i found Spoon Sports and T1R to be my top favorites for performance. I used some Injen parts in the past, but i ended up selling them within weeks of buying it. What are your favorite aftermarket performance brands?