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  1. Popping noise in rear end

    Suspension & Brakes
    Hi, I was looking for assistance in troubleshooting those noises you get when you lower your car. I am getting a popping noise like popcorn popping from the rear end. I can mainly hear it at less than 30 mph due to road noise and exhaust noise and doesn't sound like it is coming from one side...
  2. Rear Camber arm install

    I'M NOT A PRO! I'M SIMPLY SHARING MY EXPERIENCE! Get a professional alignment after your done. Anyways.... hope this helps. FYI - I installed Skunk2 lowering springs months earlier. 1. loosen the lug nuts, jack up the car, set it on a jack stand, take off the wheel. 2. jack up the the...
  3. SPC Rear Camber Kits / Now in Stock / Just $249 Shipped Lower 48 States!!

    Import DPS
    With the amount of suspension components being released for the 2012+ Civic Si the first thing your going to want to get is the Rear Camber Kit. These car's suffer dramatically with camber when they are lowered even the least bit. SPC now offers a direct bolt on Rear Camber Kit which we have...