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  1. Speedometer INOP

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Slowly, my speedometer has stopped working. It would read in the dash and randomly go to '0'. This went on for a few days and now the speedo reads '0' all the time. Has anyone had any similar issues? If someone could supply me with a wiring schematic for the speedo, that would be awesome! I've...
  2. Speedometer wrong after change wheel and tires

    Wheels and Tires
    My stock lx rim are 15 inch tire size 195/65r15. And my new rim 17 inch with tire size 215/35r17 . My speedometer now read more faster than my correct speed. When my car run 50mph so speedometer show 55mph , when I run 45 and speedometer will show 49mph. How to fix this ? Sent from...
  3. Speedometer Cable Noise

    Interior Problems
    Greetings all....! The other cold morning I experienced what sounded like a speedometer cable noise or rattle and grind. I was directly proportional to the vehicles speed and started over MPH. The noise appeared located somewhere to the center +- of the display. The noise has not happened since...
  4. Non Si with Si red tach and speedometer

    Interior mods
    Blue to red speedo and tach swap for the R18 - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum I think this is custom made for the 8th gen, well Im pretty sure it is do you think something like that will be released for our cars, I think he got it from blackcatcustoms.com
  5. Ambient meter around the speedometer stops working

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi I don't know if anyone out there has this problem but the ambient meter around the speedometer of my 2012 Civic LX stopped working a couple of days ago. It's suppose to turn green when you're driving efficiently and stuff but it just stopped working with the meter light just staying blue all...
  6. Speedometer mph to km/hr?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    We are planning to buy a 2012 Civic in the next couple of days and may want eventually import to Canada. Does the digital speedometer switch back and forth from mph to km/hr? The Sales person was no help at all. I don't want to eventually have to buy a whole new speedo package if we import it.
  7. Will changing the wheels on a EX-L to 2012 SI wheels throw the speedometer off?

    Wheels and Tires
    I'm thinking of getting the wheels for my new EX-L I currently have the 16 inch wheels
  8. How to change the speedometer from KM back to Mph??? newbie

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Really confused right now with the car.... tried going through everything on the menu and it only shows that I can change the km/mph on how many miles I get to the gallon on the speed.... HELP PLEASE lol
  9. Is it possible to turn off the green LEDs beside the speedometer?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I find the whole "it turns green when you're driving cleaner" thing to be kind of distracting, and I figure I could just tap the ECO button if I really wanted to shift into a cleaner driving mode. Any way I can change it so its blue all of the time?