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  1. Issue with rear suspension set up

    So I installed BC Coilovers on my car about a year and half a ago. I just recently got 20mm spacers. When i got them installed at work and went to adjust the ride height the left side kept sitting lower than the right. We even adjusted the left side collar to compensate and it still sits lower...
  2. 2013 SI Coupe -- Lowering/Dropping Questions

    Hi all, first time posting.. I have a 2013 SI coupe and am wanting to inquire about relevant info for what's involved in lowering the car. I'm thinking like 1 or 2 inches but I dont know what it will look like so I was hoping people could post photos of theirs with the amount it is lowered...
  3. Rota p45r wheel size??

    Wheels and Tires
    I have Rota p45r's 17x8 +25 offset. Are 235/40/17 tire sizes good for these? I'm not trying to stretch my current tires. btw I have a 2012 honda civic si lowered 1.5" on megan racing springs. I just want to make sure they don't rub or if need to do anything else extra. Thanks!!
  4. Springs Installation

    Suspension & Brakes
    I have a 2014 Si Coupe, and I'm looking to get either Eibach Sportlines or H&R Springs. Will pretty much any mechanical shop do spring installation? I would be more looking to take it to a known shop (i.e. Pepboys, a Honda dealership, or something similar). Any general idea about how much they...
  5. H&R springs or Tein springs?

    Suspension & Brakes
    I'm stuck between whether I should go with H&R springs or Tein springs. Both are the same price (roughly $220 shipped) and offer a similar drop. One thing I am worried about with the H&Rs is that it will rub because I have 18x8 wheels, however I barely see anyone on Tein springs so I don't know...
  6. Skunk2 Coilovers?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Ive had my 2012 si for a year now and i want to lower it. My question is.. does skunk2 Pro-c or Pro-s from an 8th gen fit the 9th gen si? i dont want to go with just springs coilovers seem like a better option. Please Help
  7. Windshield Whipper Arm Removal

    Suspension & Brakes
    I am having a really hard time getting the windshield whipper arm off my car. I have removed the bolt holding the whipper arm on. If anyone could help me out it would me much appreciated.
  8. **The Official Lowering Spring Recommendation Thread**

    Suspension & Brakes
    I looked through a bunch of forums for comparison threads but I haven't been able to find anything on which ones are the best for ride quality/durability. I have a 13 civic sedan. Im looking into doing it in spring 2014 as well as throwing on some enkeis (17-18"). I dont want to slam it, what do...
  9. Are lowering springs really worth it? or Megan Racing EZ Street Coilovers?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys, I'm looking to slam my civic, But im not trying to spend so much money on coils. I'm thinking about getting the skunk2 lowering springs, But will it really mess up my shocks? Another idea is getting the Megan Racing EZ street coils. Does anyone have them that likes them? Some people...
  10. Eibach pro springs & ezlip

    Eibach pro springs & ezlip :)
  11. Newbie in Sunny South Florida (Coral Springs, FL) - Fort Lauderdale to Miami

    New Member Introductions
    Hello World, I am new to 9thGenCivic, but own a 2013 Civic Si (10th Gen, right?) I am not new to Honda as I have had my fair share of Honda's in my life. Now, I am in a different stage and want to get back into the import scene and customizing my car to do magical things, on the track, that is...
  12. Need help on wheel Size/Fitment for a LX sedan on 8th gen Skunk2 springs!

    Wheels and Tires
    Thinking about getting some MB Battles 18x8+30 on 215/40/18 tires will this setup fit without rubbing too much, and without having to do any fender work. Also would I need to run a rear camber kit? Please help wanna get this right before I drop my hard earned cash! Haha
  13. General Questions on Fogs and Springs?

    Alright so I have an ex coupe and for christmas my dad got me fog lights, but I bleieve from ebay, there yellow and when I installed them, there is a slight gap around them and the 2 screws they came with are rusting already. Say i get them from CHH, are they going to have the glossy look of the...
  14. Eibach Pro Kit Springs / In Stock / Installed and Street Team Approved @ Import DPS!

    Import DPS
    We Recently teamed up with Eibach Springs to push more of their Pro Kit Springs. Eibach makes the best Spring out and is a company dedicated to making only quality suspension components. They do extensive testing to make sure the part your going to buy is something that is going to be up to...
  15. Vogtland Lowering Springs

    Suspension & Brakes
    my brother was thinking about buying this springs for his 12 si coupe so we wanna do a little feedback about this spring before we buy it. I was wondering if anyone out there have this on and how the ride?
  16. 2012+ Honda Civic Si Eibach Pro Kit Springs

    Are there any discounts available for 9th gen members ?
  17. Installed SI trunk springs on the EX

    Here's a crappy vid of the ex trunk open with SI springs
  18. creaking in driver side rear, and headlight alignment

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, sorry I've been off the map for awhile, i got married and i have been trying to get use to that. Anyways i have been wanting to post a few mechanical problems that i have been having. So my wife and i have moved to a house where there is a pretty big dip in between the street and the...
  19. 2012 9th Gen Civic Eibach Pro-Kit Springs IN STOCK

    PRO Car Studio
    We now have all the 9th Gen Civic Eibach Pro-Kit springs in stock. The springs will provide a good, mild drop of about 1 inch, and a significant increase in handling as well. Great first modification and can't really go wrong with Eibach quality and engineering. To purchase: Honda Civic Eibach...
  20. DIY 2012 Civic installed with 8th gen springs

    Here's a link lol it friend of mine that installed my 8th gen eibach pro kit springs hope it helps! 2012 Civic SUSPENSION INSTALL - JDMCITY.COM