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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, ever since I first got my Si (without knowing how to drive stick!) until now, you have all been a great help to me. I made a short video on the basics of driving a manual, such as starting in first, coming to a stop, and changing gears. Hopefully this can help some of you out just like...
  2. Mid-Atlantic
    Hey everyone in the DMV area!!! Maybe we can get a chat going talking about new mods and coming up with different and new idea! I'm also on the 8th civic site! Check out my car!
  3. New Member Introductions
    hey guys; my name is aly, i'm from stockton,ca, cruising in a 2012 lx (stick). has a few mods nothing too fancy. just looking to find some people near by to meet up with and cruise and such.
  4. Interior mods
    Hey guys, just got my 2012 Civic LX yesterday! 4DR, 5SPD MT and I want to get myself a new shift knob! I like the factory one, but I wanted to test some other ones out and found the Mugen. Has anybody here installed one of them yet? They look like this:
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody, new here and so far i like what I see. I currently own an Black 07 SI Sedan that i'm trying to sell so I can get a 12 SI. Anyone else have problems finding the SI they are looking for in the states? More specifically Michigan? It seems like no matter what dealer I go to they...
  6. Audio/Video/Navi
    I have a long road trip coming up this weekend, and decided to load up a USB stick with music for use in my car. I loaded up a 16gb microsoft flash drive we had lieing around at work and plugged it into my car and got an "Unsupported" error message from the i-MID. The flash drive was formatted...
  7. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello, Anyone buy a Garmin and placed it just in front aux and power ports ahead of the stick? I didn't get the stock Navi, so just curious where I would place a Garmin. I am not a big fan of having it atop the dash or windshield. Post pics if you have done something similar. Thank you
  8. Drivetrain Problems
    my friend is teaching me how to drive stick and my parents are planning on buying me a civic soon since my little brother needs a car for college. my question is, how easy is it to learn stick and once i master / get the flow of things, should i get an SI?
1-8 of 8 Results