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  1. Gatherings and Meets
    Fuckin muscle cars had to ruin it for everyone. Acting stupid bustin donuts, burning out, smashin until the cops came. Smh. :mad: Other than that lots and lots of cars out! Couldn't get pics cause obviously the cops came but I did get a shot of me and "khamchowder" whip! "Versaly_fg3" parked...
  2. Gatherings and Meets
    There will be a meet in Stockton, CA this coming up Monday. From 8 p.m to whenever everyone decides to leave lol at John Incredibles. This will be held as the first meet in Stockton for the new year. All makes and models are welcomed. So if ya got some free time after work or what not or clearly...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, New car owner, as well as bike. Got my honda cbr250r first as a graduation gift to myself, now I needed the matching black civic EX coupe for my birthday present to myself. Got the windows tinted within the first week. I want to do more modifications to my civic, but unsure where to start...
  4. California
    I'd love to get to know some neighbors and maybe do a shoot. so where ya at?!? also trying to find a friend who hooked it up with some decals. i'm in stockton, ca.
1-4 of 4 Results