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  1. Exterior
    So i bought Spyder fog lights from carid and installed. Everything work perfectly for about 2 weeks and today it suddenly stop working. I've used the circuit to fuse connector with 15 blue mini fuse in slot 19. Connected the white (constant wire directly to the battery. My Audio still...
  2. Sedan
    So all these plasti dipping post have inspired me to try it myself but one quick question i have does anyone know if you plasti dip on top of old plasti dip will both coats just peel off? Planning on doing my chrome emblem white and leaving the inside black but it seem tricky any idea or...
  3. Drivetrain Problems
    Hi when I'm braking and I dont go to a complete stop, the transmission seems to get confused and then upshifts and downshifts soon after, it also makes a noise when it shifts. is this normal and is there any fix to this? is this putting wear and tear on the transmission? PS:I know this happens...
  4. Honda & Civic News
    From what I have heard, it looks like Honda is going to go the retro route for their redesign of the honda civic for 2013. Because of the success of the American muscle cars using the retro theme, they believe it will work for them. [/IMG]
  5. Interior
    Is it possible to plug in a higher wattage bulb into the 3rd stop light on the rear deck? This to accommodate tinted windows that are reducing the visibility of the 3rd light?
1-5 of 8 Results