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    I found this on another forum (DIY Mobile Audio) and had to post here as I have yet to see something this detailed for audio upgrade info. The one thing I would suggest is avoid LOC as sound quality is poor and try to incorporate a line driver instead. This will definitely help and keeps install...
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    Whats up guys, I am installing an L7 into my 2014 Civic SI, and everywhere I go they people say they don't know how to to do it so I am just going to install it myself. I've installed numerous systems before so I am not really worried about not know how to do anything. My real question is...
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    13 DBP SI Sedan thinking about JL Audio 12W3v3 2 ohm or 12w3v3 4 ohm powered with JL xd1000/1v2 in custom sealed enclosure at spec. My questions: which sub 2 or 4 ohm? is the xd1000 enough power? I want it LOUD of course. Will it bang?
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    So I recently installed my aftermarket subs into my 2012 Civic LX the other day with some friends and we noticed that the subs aren't hitting as hard as they used to in my old car, which was a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. I used to have a Kicker audio system hooked up on my old car minus the alpine...
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    Hey all, I realize this has to be the millionth freaking thread on the subject, but I'm seeing mixed answers, and very little detailed information. I've got a 13 si sedan that I love, but hate the lack of bass. I actually took the car to the dealer and complained, they just said it works, deal...
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    is it possible to install subwoofers in a 2013 civic si coupe.If so how?
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    Well after some modifications to my dash cover I finally got my touch screen head unit in. All the wires on both wiring harnesses were color coded and matched. Now the wiring harness that plugged into the factory harness had a remote wire and it was labeled as that and the cd players harness...
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    Im a first time Honda owner and have a 2012 si sedan, does anyone know how well it sounds with slim 10's under the seat or is there really a difference between that and full size 10's in the trunk???
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    I Just bought a 2012 ex and am completely dissatisfied with the sound. Is It possible to add a system (subs, speakers, and amps) with out changing the head unit or losing wheel control functionality? I was considering using a clean sweep. any advice or links is greatly appreciated
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    hey guys im inquiring about upgrading my sound system!! few questions i have about this as it would be my first time! 1. Where is the amp currently located on the SI?? 2. what is the stock deck capable of as far size of amp and sub without needing to replace deck. 3. the car is a lease so how...
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    I am going to run 2 subs and an aftermarket amp and have already purchased a line out converter (The picture at the bottom). This converter has 4 wires (Right +, Right -, Left +, Left -). Instead of tapping into each stock sub with each of the wires couldn't I just tap into one sub and wire...
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    Hi all. I'm looking to put a system in my car and I'm looking for a 5 channel amp used or new. Subs as well. Does anybody have any hookups with this kind of stuff or even know of any online sites that have great deals. Thanks everyone. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
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    Finally installed my subs to my stock unit was really easy, (thats why i love honda), but will post pics up soon on how to do:)
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    I been lagging on installing it, but I finnally did after a long wait. I took very long to do it. It took about 2.5 hours to get it done. My girlfriend helped me also. It's pretty easy. I had a inverter, 15 inch sub, and a amp etc from my last car. All i did was wire the power wire through the...
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    Saw someone had a question about this and decided to post this for anyone else who needed the info.. THIS DIY assumes you know how to connect your AMP Items needed 1 Amp (for your subs) Including the following [1 power wire, 1 ground wire, 1 remote cable wire, 1 RCA wire] 1 Lineout...
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    does anyone know if the stock head unit has out put jacks for an amp and subs? i want to put mine in but dont want to pull apart the dash for no reason.
1-16 of 17 Results