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  1. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    i bought this at walmart thought it was gonna be good but it does nothing but leave like streaks and it dont even clean the damn window!... am i using it right? i spray it on and whip it off.. Walmart.com: Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent, 18oz: Automotive
  2. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Soo.. I was washing my car today and was spraying it off after i had washed it (regular hose, not pressure).. and all of a sudden a big chunk of paint flew off! I had just gotten my mirror fixed a couple weeks ago after being hit, and now this!.. Does anyone know if warranty would cover...
  3. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Never heard of "Eco Assist" until today. Can someone please explain what this is, apparently it will come standard on all 2012 Civic models, and other vehicles in Honda's line up.
1-3 of 4 Results