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  1. Wheels and Tires
    I am looking to get another set of stock 17" Si rims and putting 2 performance tires and 2 winter tires for my front wheels. I am going to keep my rear tires all season, all year around and switch the fronts as necessary. I've heard that having different tread on your front wheels from your rear...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    I had a question regarding the purchase of summer tires. I would like to get some but I was wondering too; is it worth getting another set of wheels to fit them as well? or shall I just have the all seasons dismounted and mount the summer, then keep switching back and forth? The reason I bring...
  3. West
    So a few times this year i have a few shoes booked for kelowna in canada and am debating going to seattle for a little day trip, anything to do there? Car scene decent there? Sent from my SGH-I727R using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  4. Gatherings and Meets
    Im really interested to see if anyone else would be down for this, but try to make it accessable to everyone (as much as we can) Yay/nay? Sent from my SGH-I727R using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  5. Wheels and Tires
    Just got my yokohama s drives put on since my all season michelins were done. After researching i decided to get these because they were the best bang for the buck. 560 out the door. Tirerack and other videos on youtube did comparison with these and bfg g force and the goodyear indys. They...
  6. YoSpeed
    It's time for our annual Summer Sale! We're going to be offering 20% off products throughout the month of August starting today, August 1st. Week One - 20% OFF Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe Door Sill Garnish All door sills are 20% off starting this week through the end of August. 2006-2011...
  7. Wheels and Tires
    I have a 4 door si and it came with the michelin all season tires. Winter is almost over up here in Canada and i'm looking to buy some summer tires pretty soon. I'm getting the stock size (215/45R17) and I was wondering if anyone else had bought new summer tires for their cars. Its mostly for...
  8. Wheels and Tires
    Any recommendations on a summer tires for the civic ex. Nice sporty thread is preferred. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  9. Canada
    Since seeing some have asked about this, 9thgens are also welcome to come as well. Even though this originated on the 8thgen side Thanks goes to Nextmod For more info here it is: End Of Summer 2011 Meet / Cruise / BBQ - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum
  10. Gatherings and Meets
    Summer IA in Nashville anyone gonna be there?
  11. General Maintenance
    Went to work last night decided to put Nitrogen in my tires so I checked the tire pressure it was 35 psi the max psi is 44 so I put them at 40 psi. Noticed the ride was a little bit stiffer, is anyone checking their tire pressure to see what they are set at from the dealers.
1-11 of 15 Results