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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    My sunroof only tilts now for some reason. It used to go back all the way. When I press the button to make it open fully it just makes a clicking sound. What could be the issue? Thanks Edit: I've done the reset procedure to no avail and there are also no obstructions
  2. Interior Problems
    I have a 2012 Coupe and there was a puddle of water in the passenger side rear footwell. I used a towel to mop up the water but when i press on the floor of the car I hear water sloshing around underneath the bottom carpet. I have never had this happen before but it happened after medium heavy...
  3. Exterior Problems
    So I have a 2012 Honda Civic EX and the moonroof has stopped working. The sunroof is stuck tilted and the motor just clicks when I hit the switch to close or open the sunroof. Is there a way to manually close the sunroof until I get this fixed?
  4. Interior Problems
    I just bought a 2012 civic SI and while cruising around my neighborhood learning the manual transmission I opened the moonroof to the tilted position. All was fine and it opened without issue. When I got home and tried to close it it just made a clicking noise. If I reset the moonroof control...
  5. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    I leave my sunroof tilted most of the time, now its collected bunch of dirt and leaves and other crap. Any ideas on how to clean this ? By the cover I mean the piece where you can pull back and forth when sitting inside the car.
  6. Exterior Problems
    Hey guys, Have any of you had issues with your sunroof? I recently have noticed that the automatic one touch feature is not working. I have realized that it usually happens when my car is out in the sun on a hot day and once it cools down it seems to go back to working. I'm not completely sure...
  7. Exterior Problems
    Hey guys, so im not sure if anyone else has had this problem. My sunroof automatically opens when i click the button all the way back. Then if i click the button all the way forward it automatically shuts. Now i know the button has 1 more click is you apply a little for pressure. This function...
  8. Exterior Problems
    I'm stuck at work for the rest of the night and don't have access to measure the dimensions of my sunroof on my Civic EX Coupe. Does anybody off hand know how wide it is? I am looking to order a sunroof visor. The window ones are on their way this week. I just don't want to order something that...
  9. Exterior Problems
    So I just realized today, that our sunroofs simply slide back inside the car. This is cool - a lot less wind turbulence and its way calmer than what it used to be with flip up and slide back outside the roof sunroofs like in the RSX. Takes more room inside, but I'm liking it. And I can't see...
  10. Exterior Problems
    While washing the 2012 Civic EX the other day, I noticed that the sunroof on the passenger side wasn't quite as flush with the roof as the driver side. Specifically the front right side of the passenger side is a small amount above the steel of the roof. The driver side is flush with the...
  11. Exterior Problems
    sunroof headliner rattle): i just bought a 2012 ex and my sunroof/ headliner rattles when driving, its very annoying. ive tried to find the problem but i can beat on the headliner and hear it rattle but thats as far as i can track the issue. anyone else have this issue and has it been resolved.
1-11 of 13 Results