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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I got a 15 Si trunk/deck lid w spoiler and wiring harness off a clapped 2015. gonna swap it into my 2012 Si coupe. Has anyone done this? Mostly curious if the wiring harness on the 12 will work or if the 15 harness will work, I’m going to separately wire the back up camera to my head unit, but...
  2. Wanted Section
    I want to do a rear end swap on my 2012 fg4 with the parts from a 2014-2015 Si, looking for spoiler, and/or trunk (deck lid), taillights, and rear bumper with diffuser. Prefer black, but if not all good, going to be painting the entire car soon. Will pay S&H if price is reasonable, I’m in Texas...
  3. Wanted Section
    I have a 12 civic Si coupe, and I want to do a trunk swap, or entire rear end (tails, bumper and trunk), if anyone is selling a trunk with spoiler lmk, mine is black, but the car is going to be painted soon, so color not a huge priority. Also a long shot but if anyone looking to trade plus $ on...
  4. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Hey everyone, So I just Grenaded my engine last night and I’m looking for a new k24 to swap in. I’m in need of any advice, if possible, regarding anything I should consider before purchase. I know the basics like: how many miles, is it stock, have you done your maintenance, if so when and how...
  5. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hello:) I'm new here and thinking about buying Civic 9th gen hatch, living in Europe so this option is very popular and kind of cheap here. But there is a problem - the car I've found has damaged front bumper, so I'm thinking of making a swap just after buying. Has anyone done it before? Is it...
  6. Transmission
    I have a 2012 Si. I’ve tried searching the forum but I can’t find any related discussions. Does any other K tranny swap in? I’m looking for an extra tranny to have on standby since my 5th gear is starting to get sketchy. I found one with 90k miles in San Diego for $900. 9th gen trannies are hard...
  7. Sedan
    This is a complete long shot, but worth a try. Would any one with a 2013 (or higher) Alabaster Silver sedan be interested in swapping rear ends for a 2012? Ie. trunk, bumper and taillights. Located in CT willing to travel.
  8. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I started my project to k swap and manual swap my r18 two weeks ago and so far i have bought everything i needed off the recycling place with a good deal and some missing pieces from Honda themselves. Everything seems to be going smooth and the k24 is being dropped in soon. Right now im just...
  9. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So I haven't found a direct answer. Recently my k24z7 motor died on me, two cylinders aren't working from the sound and the appearance of the spark plugs. I fear that my cylinder walls are damaged. Hopefully they aren't. If they are I think my cheapest route would be to bore out the cylinders...
  10. Sedan
    I have a 2014 Ex and I know the si front bumper cover can be swapped, can the rear si bumper cover be put on as well?
  11. Interior mods
    Hello I'm looking for some advice.I have a 2012 civic that I swapped the seats out for with 2014 leather civic seats. Of the pins in the bottom the white one in the middle doesn't fit. I was hoping there is a way to trick the system using a resistor or to get an adapter. This problem is for the...
  12. Interior mods
    EDITED 2013 Sedans only, coupe rear seats arent same dimension as sedan. Direct trade and swap for my mint 2015 Si seats! I like the simple black seats the 13s have not the red/black of the 14/15s Identical part numbers for 13 and 15 sedans, will need airbag system reset by dealer most likely...
  13. Interior mods
    Has anyone done this swap? Any issues with the SRS system or fitment issues? I have someone willing to swap me a full set of 2012 Si seats because I am not a fan of the 14/15 seat color combo. TIA
  14. Exterior Styling
    So I came across this DIY from College Hills Honda on Youtube Since the Canadian market has only the 2012 hybrid, it took me awhile to realize that a new hybrid was for sale in the US. (Although I've double-checked the forum, sorry if there is another thread about it)
  15. Exterior
    so i swapped out my headlight bulbs and fog light bulbs. for the low beams I used the Sylvania Silverstar zXe and the fog light and high beams i used the Sylvania Silverstars and compared to the stock bulbs that i took out its just wow. they are much brighter and not yellow anymore.
  16. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I just put the prl rbc manifold on and I know this sounds weird but my heater won't work on defrost?? And also the car feels like it has no balls at all. Also at about 45-50mph im feeling a hesitation. Now I already have a p0171 which is a bank 1 system to lean but I had the same code after I...
  17. ECU Tuning
    Just wondering if anyone out there has tried running the 8th gen ECU in a 9th gen yet. I've had my 2012 si sedan now for almost a year, time for some mods.....
  18. Interior
    I am interested in getting LED bulbs or an LED third brake light anyone know what kind of bulbs I can use or if not doable if I can swap in the EX-L LED brake light? I am also interested in the LED strip at the top of the window like the Audi S7 has...
  19. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I know it's possible to swap but what would fit in the r18?
  20. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Has anybody done a head swap (like what HRD did for the Grand Am motor)? If so, any info would be appreciated.
1-20 of 41 Results