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  1. 22mm Progress Sway Bar Same size as stock....??

    Suspension & Brakes
    Starting to dig in to some suspension and chassis upgrades and realized I was contemplating spending money on a sway bar the exact same size.... Did anybody replace a stock 22mm sway bar with the same size from Progress and notice a difference? Only reason I ask is I am not going to tracking...
  2. My CRAPPY Progress 22mm sway bar bushings

    Suspension & Brakes
    Installed my bar about 1,000 miles ago and recently started hearing some strange suspension noises from the rear of the car... here is what I found: See pic This is the passenger side, the driver's side looks almost as bad but not as bad as this one. Any clue as to why this would have happened...
  3. CT Engineering Rear Sway Bar Group Buy!

    Vendor Deals
    We're doing a special right now ($25 off) on the CT Engineering rear sway bar for the 9th Gen Civic Si. The rear sway bar is one of the best things you can upgrade on your suspension. The reason is the factory swap bar is too small and creates understeer. This is not too desirable for...