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  1. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Hey Guys, Need some help figuring out a issue with my civic. High Beams don't work. Low beams seem to be working fine. Low beam light stays on dash even when switched to High Beam. High beam indicator does not even light up. I checked the bulbs they seem to work fine same with Relays (I tried...
  2. Interior
    Hi all, so I'm working on a YouTube video about how to upgrade a map light without a door/off switch in the center module to one with. Since I don't have a moonroof but I have the touch screen (and nav), I don't have a microphone in that assembly, so my own swap is easy enough; but in my video...
  3. Electrical
    Alright! So this has been a long lasting project of mine! This DIY Deals with these special 5 pin powered switches from Honda PN: 08E10-TA0-1M035 BUY IT HERE: http://www.hondapartsnow.com/genuine/honda~switch~assy~08E10-TA0-1M035.html Switch function can be seen Below I've found some new...
  4. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    is it plug and play? or do you have to splice some wiring. i cant find a defined answer. is it something someone with very little car modding can do?
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello everyone. How y'all doing? I'm kinda new so i don't know what info i need to provide but i'll do my best to describe my problem. My switch wire (BLUE WIRE) to automatically turn on and off the amps/subs doesn't have a fuse ,and is directly connected to a fuse slot. The switch wire is...
  6. Interior
    I just bought two of these: One for my 2012 Civic Si coupe, and the other for my wannabe because race car 2007 Fit Base. The part number is 34265-SFE-003 (less than $15 from Honda) and is rumored to come from the 2007 Acura MDX (YD2). I would assume that it would fit all trim levels of the...
  7. Transmission
    You don't have to use a switch for this mod if you don't want to. Skip to step 8 then just splice the black and brown wire in pic 3 together. Here is my DIY on how to start your manual car without using the clutch. I do this so that my wife can start the car from the passenger seat or if I...
  8. Exterior
    installed the LED strip on my head lights and it was a breeze. hooked it up to the 7.5 accesory fuse un the hood but these fogs have a a switch and dont know if i by ps=ayy the switch and have then runninb all the time like the led strip or do i need the swith and not able to hook it up to a...
  9. Exterior
    I just got my "OEM" fog lights from eBay for my '12 EX but the box says '11 sedan and the kit came with a button instead of the combination switch. HONDA CIVIC SEDAN 4DR 2012 - 2013 OEM FOG LIGHTS LAMP WITH WIRES KIT SWITCH | eBay Anyone run into this? Will they fit or do I need to try to send...
  10. Interior mods
    Hey everyone! I came across a picture of an FD2 and I like the red hazard switch. Wondering if it would fit a 2012 civic Si. Does anyone know if it'll fit?
  11. Interior Problems
    I have a 2012, and i can hear something rattling in the dash near the window on drivers side, kinda popping sound, anyone else hear this? it seems to be coming from under the dash near the window....
  12. Interior Problems
    after turning left or right, the turn signal switch does not revert back into place. just had my fog lights installed. any idea how to fix this?
  13. Exterior
    Auto light switch Ok so I seen the instructions on how to put fog lights. On there it shows them switching the light switch. Now on that light switch it has auto lights position. If I put them on does that give me that feature. Oh and by the way I have an lx. Just wondering.
1-13 of 16 Results